4 consumer data management challenges impacting your business

Over the past 5-10 years, the rise of e-commerce, social networks, mobile, and connected devices has created a flood of identity data as consumers connect across channels — and established the need for businesses to develop an external identity access management (IAM) strategy to keep up with it all.


3 ways the Internet of Things is shaping brand-consumer relationships

Businesses looking to stay relevant in the era of IoT will need to learn to manage and leverage the new dynamic in brand-consumer relationships will be key. Here are three ways these relationships are already changing, as well as how businesses are adapting to the IoT.


The best mobile strategy? Holistic.

With enterprise-grade mobility solutions, one of the common missteps is having different business units develop their own solutions independently, creating havoc and complexity for the company in the long term.


Social Login 101 (Free eBook)

But to build a truly meaningful user experience that drives conversion and lifetime value, identity is key.


Avoid these 3 big pitch fails

Ever had that one awful pitch you walked out from feeling completely deflated? Avoid the three most common dreaded mistakes.

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Do you really know your consumer? The art and science of location data.

“We all carry in our pockets a temple of science,” claims Tyler Bell, VP of Product for Factual. He’s talking about the power of mobile devices to collect location data points that let businesses and advertisers build detailed and revealing profiles of their consumers.

5 Node projects you should know about

Node.js is the cool kid on the coding block these days, and developers have big plans for the server-side programming language. Here are a couple of the cool back-end programs that developers have been cooking both using Node and for Node developers.


Just how big will sales acceleration technology get?

Every indication shows the sales acceleration category will continue to grow, and more importantly, continue to help companies increase their revenue. Studies, as well as practical real-life examples, show a direct correlation between investment in sales acceleration technology and increased revenue.


Say hello to decision science: marketing 2015-style.

You may think the old days of marketing are what you see pictured in episodes of Mad Men. But with a hard focus on brand marketing, inbound marketing and buying lists, even the last 10 years now look archaic against the science of predictive marketing.


The current state of cross-channel commerce (Infographic)

The traditional, straightforward shopping experience as we know it is quickly becoming extinct. To give you a clear picture of the current state of cross-channel commerce, we’ve compiled a list of key statistics.


How Venture-Backed SaaS Startups Fuel Sales Growth

As a business leader, you want to know how all of this hype in SaaS-based predictive analytics and sales tools is translating into increased revenue. Here too, the proof is flowing in as companies using SaaS technology to accelerate sales are experiencing dramatic revenue increases.

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What do you really know about your most valuable users?

Developers and marketers can describe exactly how users use the app and the steps taken towards generating revenue. However, when it comes to learning more about their mobile users, particularly those who don’t use Facebook, developers rely on guesswork, surveys, and trial and error.


50 examples of awesome user experiences (free ebook)

Marketers have a tough act to juggle these days: To offer you some marketing inspiration, we’ve compiled 50 examples of the most personalized, innovative, and engaging user experiences that we’ve seen to date.


Is sales automation the missing piece to turbocharging revenues?

Talk to any sales rep in the tech world and you’ll hear about the gap. It’s the gap between marketing and CRM.While maybe not as big as the Grand Canyon, that gap is big enough to hold the mile-high frustrations of countless sales representatives who’d love to spend more time selling and less time in task management.


Redefining friction in a mobile-first world

When reducing friction for users meant switching from a desktop computer to a laptop, the validity of that phrase wasn’t just obvious, it was inarguable. But what about now, when reducing friction means going from two taps in an app to just one?

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Why ad sales executives are lazy

Their 40-hour work week might look a little different than yours, but here is what ad sales executives are really doing — and how they’re proving a ROI from their business development efforts.

'Dual-persona' devices juggle business/personal use, bring balance to BYOD

With the availability of dual-persona solutions, organizations finally have a bring your own device (BYOD) management option that helps satisfy the critical security concerns of CIOs while supporting growth strategies for CEOs and enabling today’s always-connected employees to efficiently balance their personal and professional lives.

Life360 IFTTT channel recipes (1)

Home automation heats up

While Google and Apple will help drive mainstream adoption of home automation, there are a number of options available today, that will make connecting to the Internet of Things a simple and efficient experience, allowing you to automate key events in and around the home.

vintage camera

A snapshot history of digital camera technology

The word revolutionary is over-used in the technology field, but there’s no other way to describe the impact of digital photography. It has never been easier to capture high quality photos and videos, and we share hundreds of millions of them on the Internet every single day.


Essential strategies for soft-launching your mobile game

If you’re ready to launch a mobile game, competition is stiff – there are more than 200,000 games in the App Store – but opportunity is vast – mobile game usage grew 66% last year. That means getting it right the first time is critical, because if you don’t, you risk losing your audience and could jeopardize your game’s monetization.

brazil-fifa-world-cup-threatened-by-massive-cyber-attack (1)

Joined Brazil’s World Cup? Here’s how to stay safe.

Brazil’s World Cup kicked off with glamour, noise and graffiti, but football fans are not the only ones joining the party. Big scammers and petty cyber-crooks have also packed their bags before the Cup started.


Prospecting triggers: Timing is everything

In the world of business prospecting, this adage could be considered law. Having the appropriate messaging, targeting and outreach strategy are essential to any successful prospecting initiative, but what if all the right actions happen at the wrong time?


Can YOU benefit from the Internet of Things?

Today, more than 99 percent of things in the physical world are still not connected to the Internet. Many analysts are predicting the world will reach 50 billion connected devices by 2020. There is a lot of work to be done!

data analysis

Analytics in action: a billion to one (Part 2)

Data mining is great fun for analysts. But there are certain things that will remove the smiles and create frustration for analysts and their co-workers alike.


10 mobile stats every marketer should know

To help businesses gain a firmer grasp on the mobile landscape, we’ll go over 10 mobile-related statistics that every marketer should be aware of, along with some key takeaways to consider as you fine tune your mobile strategy.


Panning for gold: a billion to one (Part 1)

The advent of online games has put the games industry in the privileged position of being able to track every data event that a player undertakes. However, the challenge lies in unlocking that big data to create actionable insights that can make environments more fun, boost player engagement and drive revenues.