Is sales automation the missing piece to turbocharging revenues?

Talk to any sales rep in the tech world and you’ll hear about the gap. It’s the gap between marketing and CRM.While maybe not as big as the Grand Canyon, that gap is big enough to hold the mile-high frustrations of countless sales representatives who’d love to spend more time selling and less time in task management.

Home automation heats up

While Google and Apple will help drive mainstream adoption of home automation, there are a number of options available today, that will make connecting to the Internet of Things a simple and efficient experience, allowing you to automate key events in and around the home.

A snapshot history of digital camera technology

The word revolutionary is over-used in the technology field, but there’s no other way to describe the impact of digital photography. It has never been easier to capture high quality photos and videos, and we share hundreds of millions of them on the Internet every single day.

Essential strategies for soft-launching your mobile game

If you’re ready to launch a mobile game, competition is stiff – there are more than 200,000 games in the App Store – but opportunity is vast – mobile game usage grew 66% last year. That means getting it right the first time is critical, because if you don’t, you risk losing your audience and could jeopardize your game’s monetization.

Prospecting triggers: Timing is everything

In the world of business prospecting, this adage could be considered law. Having the appropriate messaging, targeting and outreach strategy are essential to any successful prospecting initiative, but what if all the right actions happen at the wrong time?

Panning for gold: a billion to one (Part 1)

The advent of online games has put the games industry in the privileged position of being able to track every data event that a player undertakes. However, the challenge lies in unlocking that big data to create actionable insights that can make environments more fun, boost player engagement and drive revenues.

Building the highway for big data

Your data is trying to go places, and when it does, it will uncover operating efficiencies and new revenue streams that will reinvent business models. But right now it’s stuck in a data traffic jam that’s keeping it from reaching its final destination.

Retail is dead, long live retail!

As we are finalizing plans for our 2014 Omnichannel conference taking place next week, Peter Zaballos, our VP of Marketing, had a chance to talk to with Zach Nelson, CEO of NetSuite and featured keynote speaker about the future of omnichannel.

Big data meets retail

Today’s retailers are forced to do more with less, and are looking for strategic partners to help shape and grow their business. Sharing POS data with suppliers makes perfect sense.