Don't just throw spaghetti against the wall and see what sticks

The secret to making acquisitions stick

My company has made nine acquisitions in the past seven years. How did we keep a high percentage of the founders that joined us in the process happy and fired up?


3 hot health IT investment opportunities

Health IT is hot, and it’s about time. Investors and entrepreneurs alike are flocking to the sector that once seemed insurmountable, yet is desperately in need of imagination, creation, and disruption.

Dell's Barton George (left) speaking with a developer at a recent conference

An idiot’s guide to DevOps

“DevOps” is one of those buzzwords that nearly everyone in the tech industry feigns to understand. Few people really do. I’ve always thought it sounds like a codename for some kind of covert NSA mission.

New mom Meghan Boots has investigated various flexible working solutions

My struggle to find balance as a working mom in hi-tech

I also explored the advantages of job-sharing for employers and was quickly sold. It is a proven family-friendly flexible solution, an effective way to retain high quality talent, and produces exceptional work quality.