VBWeekly: Digg dumps, Githubs gits, Ouya owns, and Nukotoys … toys?

Yes, folks its another VBWeekly, and our regular VBWeekly host Jolie O’Dell was out on assignment, so VentureBeat’s executive Editor Dylan Tweney has stepped in to take you through the stories of the week. And we have stories; running from Digg dumping itself for a bit of a loss for its investors, to Github grabbing investor money. Lots of it.  Also we replay a section of the interview we did with Yves Behar of Ouya and have a look at a pretty interesting little iPad game from Nukotoys.

VBWeekly: the best of Y-Combinator and ask the Magic 8 Ball.

[vimeo 39558190 w=558 h=314] In today’s VBWeekly video we invade the VentureBeat writers lounge to ask our reporters about the Y-Combinator Demo Day event. We asked Meghan Kelly and Sarah Mitroff about the presentations that made them laugh; later we ask them what company they think has the best chance for success. Finally, we asked the Magic 8 Ball if tomorrow’s VB Mobile Summit will be a success.  And it says ‘Yes”!

VBWeekly: Top 10 games of 2011

[vimeo 33998301 w=550 h=309] Last week, VentureBeat announced its Game of the Year choices. Now you can see the video of VentureBeat’s top game writers, Dean Takahashi and Sebastian Haley discussing the picks. Enjoy the talk and let us know your favorite game of the year in the comments below.

Yes, you can clean your keyboard in the dishwasher

[youtube=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mdOF9k5awSM&w=560&h=345] I would not have believed this if I did not see it myself. We have an older Apple keyboard that was just disgusting. Instead of trying to clean it by hand, someone recommended putting it in the dishwater. What? But my friend gave it a shot and lo and behold, the keyboard still worked! Not only that, the keys are not sticky anymore.