Twitter goes down for more than a hour

Twitter is notorious for going offline, but usually not for more than an hour. Today, however, the site was inaccessible — on the web and through Twitter clients — for just about one hour.

Facebook app Bday Gift Finder launches with $2M in funding

Finding the perfect gift for a friend’s birthday can be tricky. Bday today launched the Bday Gift Finder, a Facebook app that scrapes your friends’ profiles to recommend the perfect presents. And the company has already secured the best gift of all for itself: $2 million in funding.

Hey, entrepreneurs, we’re living in a bubble

No, not that kind of bubble.  The bubble we’re living in is actually much more dangerous than the classic tech bubbles that inevitably come and go, because this particular bubble may well prevent American entrepreneurs from playing a leading role in shaping the future.

IM Creator design tool makes everyone a web developer

Though am by no means a web designer or developer, I often wish I could build a website on my own. That’s why I was intrigued by the new website development tool IM Creator, which lets you quickly design a webpage without having to know any code.

Tango video chat heads to Windows PCs

Video-calling application Tango announced on its blog today that it is now available on desktop PCs. The company originally announced the feature back in July, along with a $42 million second round of funding.

Facebook makes a run at YouTube video dominance

What do you do when you’re already the number one website for sharing photos? Go after videos. In a report released today by online measurement firm comScore, Facebook ranked as the third largest website for viewing videos online in the month of July, with Google Sites and Vevo ranking as the first and second largest.

LocalResponse checks in to social TV advertising with Philo acquisition

Now businesses can keep an eye on consumers checking in in TV land and the real world at the same time. LocalResponse, a company that helps businesses monitor and respond to check-ins, today announced its acquisition of Philo Media Corporation, which has created a way for TV and theatrical studios to deliver real-time messages to consumers. Financials were not disclosed.

Zozi lands $7M more for 100% guaranteed adventure deals

Zozi, a company that offers discounts to consumers on unique adventure and travel experiences, today announced it has secured a second round of funding for $7 million. The funding will be used to expand deals into new cities as well as hire additional employees.

Buzzlogic lands $7.8M more for socially targeted ads

Buzzlogic, a company that helps brands place socially targeted ads, today announced it has raised $7.8 million in a third round of funding. The company will use the funding for product development and to double its sales and account management teams.

Textingly launches live chat tool for text campaigns

Textingly, a company that let’s businesses manage text messages to customers, today announced it has launched a live chat tool for businesses to engage with customers via text in real-time from the web.

Saygent raises $1M to analyze customer emotions

Saygent, a company the uses voice response and analysis to figure out customers emotions, today announced it has secured a first round of funding for $1 million. The funding will be used to hire engineers and secure new customers.

Datameer snags $9.25M more to analyze massive amounts of data

Datameer, a company that allows users to analyze massive amounts of data without technical know-how, today announced a second round of funding for $9.25 million. The money will be used to hire additional employees for its engineering, sales, and marketing teams.

LevelUp makes redeeming check-in rewards easier with American Express

LevelUp, a pilot in the local deals space created by check-in app Scvngr, today announced a partnership with American Express to give users the ability to redeem deals with their credit cards, eliminating the need for printed coupons or showing your phone at the point of sale.

Loopt introduces location-based Q&A feature

Loopt, an early leader in location-based services, today announced at Where 2.0 the launch of Qs, a new feature that allows users to answer questions and see other user’s responses in any physical business location.

Official Foursquare Day proclaimed by New York City Mayor Bloomberg

How do you know you’re a hometown favorite in the startup world? When the mayor stops by your office and gives you your own “official” day. New York City Mayor Bloomberg just announced plans to officially proclaim April 16th Foursquare Day on Saturday in New York City.

Currensee raises $4M more for social network of traders

Currensee, a social network for foreign exchange traders, today announced it has secured a third round of funding for $4 million. The new funding will be used to expand the sales team in Europe and develop more management tools as well as make investing easier.

Scoutmob lands $1.5M more for location-based group deals

Scoutmob, a location-based group deals company, plans to announce tomorrow that it has secured a first round of funding for $1.5 million, according to New Atlantic Ventures representatives, who led the funding. The new funding will be used to roll out its deal service to new cities, continue development and hire more employees.

nSphere snags deals application Peekaboo Mobile

nSphere, a company that aggregates online content, has bought mobile location-based deals company Peekaboo Mobile, it announced today. The company plans on leveraging Peekaboo Mobile’s application to provide local search information to its users.

Check-in site Scvngr tries out special deals for entrepreneurs

Scvngr, a check-in app that asks users to complete activity challenges, recently launched LevelUp, a pilot in the local deals space. Now it’s offering a deal aimed specifically at entrepreneurs and their startups, dubbed “LevelUp Your Startup.”