A new Hunch points to the money with behavioral targeting

Hunch, the “decision engine” startup cofounded by Chris Dixon (pictured) and Flickr’s Caterina Fake, today announced it has refined its homepage and service to include users’ personalized recommendations front and center.

WeShop lands $4.25M to find out how you shop

WeShop, an online consumer shopping network, today announced it has secured a first round of funding for $4.25 million. Though the company is currently in private-beta mode, it claims to have already signed-up some 100,000 members, according to the company’s announcement.

LinkedIn acquires recommendation technology company mSpoke

LinkedIn today announced it’s acquiring recommendation technology company mSpoke for an undisclosed amount. The acquisition will help LinkedIn provide its members with more relevant insight from professionals, according to the company’s announcement.

Twitter for businesses? StatusNet grabs another $1.4M

StatusNet, a microblogging service with similarities to Twitter but designed for businesses, today announced it secured a second round of funding for $1.4 million. The funding will be used to support and grow its sales team and continue targeting the world’s 1,000 largest businesses, it said in an announcement.

Notonthehighstreet.com lands $11.9M to support small businesses

Notonthehighstreet.com, a UK-based online shopping site featuring products from small businesses, today announced it has secured a third round of funding for $11.9M ($7.5M pounds). The company will use the funds to hire new employees and continue developing its technology, it said in an announcement.

Google launches mobile banner ads which know where you are

Google today announced on its Mobile Ads blog that it has launched location-aware display advertisements for mobile phones. Through Google’s “location extension” feature, advertisers can now include their location and phone numbers to appear in display ads on iPhone and Android mobile websites.

Dating application Wings hooks featured Facebook spot and $750K

Triangulate, maker of Facebook dating application Wings, announced today that the application has been selected to appear on the Facebook Application Dashboard (one of only ten).  The company also officially announced that it has secured a seed round of $750,000, which appeared in a SEC filing back in March.

Sailthru lands $1M for targeted company newsletters

Sailthru, a behavioral marketing email service, announced today that it has secured a seed round of $1 million, first reported by Business Insider. Founder and Chief Executive Neil Capel has since confirmed the funding, which will be used to expand its sales operations and new feature development.

RPI raises $5M for custom photo products

RPI, a company that prints custom photo products, today announced it secured a $5 million round of funding from Huntington Capital. The funding will be used to introduce new services like merchandising programs and brand owner opportunities according to the company’s announcement.

Gazelle lands $12M to buy and resell your used electronics

Gazelle, a company that buys and resells used consumer electronics, announced Wednesday that it has raised a third round of funding for $12 million. The new funding, bringing its total to about $22 million, will be used to grow the business to meet consumer demand, build pricing models and strengthen retail partnerships, according to the company’s announcement.

GetGlue gets a good start with social recommendation service

GetGlue, the social recommendation service from startup Adaptive Blue, shared some impressive growth stats today: Its users are logging an average of 150,000 check-ins and reviews per day over the last month, up from 100,000 a few months ago.

Predilect lands $750k for stronger security questions

Predilect, a company working to strengthen online security, today announced it has secured a first round of funding for $750,000 from serial entrepreneur and investor Jon Fisher as well as several other angels.

iBooks app gets a refresher to compete with other e-readers

iBooks, the Apple application for users to download and read books, today released several new features with version 1.1.1. These additions include the ability to tap images to view them in greater detail, embedded audio and video within books and enhanced PDF viewing.

BillFloat helps you buy more time to pay your bills

BillFloat, a service that gives consumers more time to pay their bills, today secured a first round of funding for $4.5 million. The round was led by First Round Capital with notable seed investors Paypal and Venrock also participating.

GetJar names Gettie Award 2010 mobile application winners

GetJar, an online mobile application store, last night announced the winners of The Gettie Awards, an annual mobile app competition, at VentureBeat’s annual MobileBeat conference in San Francisco.

XGraph grabs $3.75M for social advertisement targeting

XGraph, a company that utilizes social networks for better ad targeting, announced today that it secured a $3.75 million first round of funding led by Rho Ventures, according to the company’s website.

IBM buys BigFix for network visibility and compliance

Computer giant IBM today announced it plans to acquire network and compliance company BigFix for an undisclosed amount, although Bloomberg BusinessWeek claims an inside source is saying the deal is worth about $400 million. The acquisition will bring IBM customers added compliance and security for their network of computers.

WordPress lets you leave a voice message on your blog

Have you ever wished you could call your blog and leave a voice message for your readers? The answer is probably no. However that hasn’t stopped popular blogging platform WordPress today from adding the feature, according the company’s blog.

Travelstormer looks to make group travel super easy

Remember all those great spring break trips you took in college with your friends? In addition to the crazy memories, you probably also remember the hassle of trying to coordinate a vacation with a group of people. Looking to make the process super easy, a new startup Travelstormer launched today offering several online tools for managing and arranging group travel.

PayPal releases Mobile Express Checkout for on-the-go consumers

PayPal, a service for sending and receiving money, today announced that it has brought its Express Checkout service to smartphones. Dubbed Mobile Express Checkout, the service will allow on-the-go customers to make mobile purchases quickly and safely.

Snapp.me tries to break through photo-sharing clutter

Looking to shine through hordes of competition by making taking and sharing webcam photos even easier, an ex-MySpace engineer recently launched Snapp.me as a social photo-sharing platform.

FavRav lets Facebook users refer local businesses to friends

Facebook can be a daunting place for many small businesses. While they dream of reaching some of the social network’s more than 450 million users, they don’t always have the time or money. Enter a new Facebook application, FavRav, that aims to help local businesses tap current customers to create positive recommendations for their Facebook friends and drive business.

Pearltrees lands $1.6M more for social discovery on the Web

Pearltrees, a social tool for discovering and organizing Web content, has announced it secured a second round of funding for €1.3 million (US$1.6 million). The funding will be used to expand globally, especially in the US.

Offerpop launches community marketing apps for Twitter and Facebook

Offerpop, a software development company for social media applications, has launched a new marketing app that lets retailers and brands bolster their Twitter and Facebook profiles for maximum impact. Only the Twitter application is currently available to the public, but the company is accepting beta testers for its Facebook version.

Zurb gives entrepreneurs visible website feedback with Bounce

Trying to get feedback from others around website development or design can be a difficult process. Especially when you’re trying to do it through email or over the phone. In an effort to make the process a bit easier, design and consulting firm Zurb today announced the release of Bounce, a new visual feedback application for websites.

uSamp lands $10M more for global market panels

uSamp, a company that creates focus groups and feedback panels around the world, announced today that it has secured a $10 million third round of funding. This brings its total funding raised to around $14 million. The money will be used to develop the next generation of its panel management platform, drive acquisition and expand globally.

SafetyWeb adds $8M more to keep your kid safe

Here’s a little peace of mind for parents worrying about what their kids are doing online. SafetyWeb, a service that lets parents track their child’s activity on the Web, announced today that it has secured a second round of funding for $8 million. The funding will be used to expand the company’s marketing and partnership efforts.

Bill.com grabs $8.5M more to help businesses manage their bills

Bill.com, a company that helps simplify how small businesses send and pay bills, today announced it has secured a third round of funding for $8.5 million. The funding will be used to continue product development and promote marketing and sales.

Host Analytics grabs $15M more for financial management

Host Analytics, developer of financial software for businesses, today announced it has secured a third round of funding for $15 million. This brings its total funding to around $30 million. It will use the funding to continue product development and feed marketing as well as sales.

Connotate grabs $5.25M to keep an eye on web content

Connotate, a service that aggregates and analyzes web content for businesses, today announced that it has secured a first round of funding for $5.25 million from .406 Ventures. Funding will be used to continue development as well as for marketing and sales.

TeamSnap catches $700k for sports team management

TeamSnap, a website that lets you manage sports teams and other groups, today announced it has secured a first round of funding for $700,000. The investment will be used to expand features and the services reach, which already is used by customers in over 90 countries.