Mogreet and American Greetings partner for video mobile e-cards

E-cards have become an attractive way of sending cards versus traditional print cards. Through customization and animation features, e-cards are a quick and easy way to avoid the the Hallmark aisle and postage, but still let that someone know you care. However, the ability to send a customized animated e-card to someone’s mobile device remains limited.

IBM launches academic cloud to help students learn technology skills

According to the Department of Labor, the majority of jobs in the near future will have a heavy focus on technology and having technical skills, including technical consulting and computer systems design. To ensure college students graduating have those skills, IBM announced today the launch of what it calls a free “academic cloud,” which is a bundle of web-based IBM software to help professors teach technology skills to students.

Pursway grabs $6m to help find companies social influencers

Social networking is filled with people who like to talk. While a majority of the online chatter is simply noise, some individuals, for reasons that vary, have networks of friends, family and colleagues that listen, trust and act on their recommendations. These individuals are known as social influencers. Helping to locate and utilize these social influencers for marketing campaigns, Pursway(formerly Datanetis) announced today that it has secured $6 million in a first round of funding to expand its services in Europe and North America. aquires Yahoo! HotJobs for $225M

As the national unemployment rate continues to linger around 10%, there is no shortage of people looking for jobs. Popular employment website, might be looking to snatch up some market share as today it announced the acquisition of Yahoo HotJobs for $225 million.

Motally delivers mobile analytics to iPad apps

After the influx of news yesterday around Apple’s newly launched iPad, it’s not surprising that companies are beginning to announce their own iPad related news. Mobile analytics firm, Motally today announced that it will be expanding its current tracking services for mobile web and apps to include those running on the iPad.

Yelp snags $25M from Elevation Partners

The old saying “location is everything” has never been more true. Though these days, instead of referring to store fronts, it usually refers to location-based applications and review sites.  Elevation Partners is buying into the saying too, literally. The company has announced today a $25 million investment in location review service Yelp. makes it easier to create and share live video

Popular video streaming site says it has made some successful enhancements to its video creating and sharing capabilities. As of two weeks ago, only 2 percent of of users who clicked on the button to “broadcast” a video actually ended up creating one. The biggest complaint? The process was too complicated.

Apple tablet roundup: Who's going to use the thing?

Apple’s tablet has provided no shortage of rumors. Everything from design specs to pricing have flooded the internet from various media outlets and sources. As the mysterious January 27 “special event” comes closer, many wonder if the rumors will finally be answered. To gain a better perspective on the scope of rumors, we’ve put together a snapshot below of the most recent speculations.

Rebtel acquires Talkster VoIP service to expand international mobile calling

Swedish based internet calling service Rebtel has announced today that it has acquired Free World Dialing, a mobile calling application, from Talkster for an undisclosed amount. The company notes that under the agreement, Rebtel will now carry all of Talkster’s international calls and Free World Dialing customers will now have access to unlimited free international mobile calls between 52 countries.

Sway bags $2M to track social marketing ad campaigns via Shoutlet

Developing a social marketing campaign can be a daunting task — especially determining how to reach specific demographics and niche audiences. On top of that, many companies lack the financial and human resources needed to deploy campaigns that tap into social networks. Sway, Inc., a Wisconsin-based social media marketing company, hopes to make it easier with its Shoutlet platform — and it just raised $2 million in a first round of funding to make it happen.

Visible Technologies secures $22M for social monitoring

Bellevue, Wash. startup Visible Technologies announced it has raised $22 million in a fourth round of funding. The investment surely shows significant growth potential for social and digital media monitoring companies. It also suggests that big companies and brands might be starting to take out their wallets.

Wattpad boosts ebook community with new funds

Popular ebook community Wattpad today announced an undisclosed amount of angel funding from various private investors. Wattpad, the self proclaimed “YouTube for ebooks + MySpace for writers”, is a social platform where readers and writers can connect by sharing their writing or reviews on ebooks.

SeatGeek raises funds to give you the best deals on event tickets

We’re just coming out of a season of tech predictions — leaving a trail of top 10 products, trends, etc. to watch. And more will probably be wrong than right. But New York City startup SeatGeek has figured out a way to consistently make accurate predictions, and has just closed a first round of funding to prove it.  What’s it predicting? Ticket prices.

Schedule some family time with the Vega Android Tablet, coming to the U.K. from T-Mobile

T-Mobile is making a real splash in the new year with its Android devices. First, there was Google’s announcement that consumers can buy its new Nexus One with a 2-year plan from T-Mobile. Now, the carrier has announced that it will bring the Vega, the first in-home Android-run tablet, specializing in home scheduling and other basic functions, to the U.K market later this year.

Pandora and Pioneer test drive internet radio in cars

With the auto industry seeing the second straight monthly gain in auto sales, it’s the perfect time for Pioneer Electronics, a manufacturer of car audio systems, and Pandora, the popular web based radio service, to announce a partnership  that could shake up how we listen to music while we’re on the go.

Popular group texting application textPlus lands in Android Market

Americans fired off 110 billion text messages in December 2008, almost doubled from the 48 billion the same month in 2007, according to a recent report from the Census Bureau. Taking advantage of the rise in texting, Gogii announced today that its popular iPhone and iPod Touch group texting application textPlus has arrived in the Android Market.

How technology can help you do good in the New Year

It’s the end of the decade. And like some people, you might be thinking about New Year’s (or Decade’s) resolutions. But instead of hitting the gym more, you could consider volunteering your time for a cause or organization. If you’re not sure where to start, there are a number of startups using technology to connect volunteers with organizations who need their time and energy.

GroundMap launches geotagging social media platform

As social media platforms continue to gain popularity, we as users have begun to be confronted by large amounts of information that sometimes seems unmanageable. A number of startups have come up with solutions for bucketing tweets and other social media by topic or event — StockTwits, for example, aggregates tweets that include stock information, and Yelp and Google Maps bucket information by location.