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What to Think, Ep. 13: Resurrecting Prodigy

In this episode, Dylan Tweney and Jordan Novet speak with Benj Edwards, a journalist who is digging up screenshots from the old Prodigy online service. We talk about the challenges and joys of digital archeology.

What to Think

What to Think, ep. 12: MobileBeat and more

VentureBeat’s seventh annual MobileBeat event just wrapped up, and we brought VB’s mobile expert Devindra Hardawar into the studio to tell us what the mobile tech industry is all hot and bothered about.


6 tips to make freelancing pay off

In the U.S., every 3rd person was self-employed in 2006, and forecasts predict this will increase to 40 percent by the year 2020. Here are six ways to make the new “naked economy” work for you.

A HelloFresh box.

With $50M banked, HelloFresh CEO plans 'global consumer food brand' (interview)

HelloFresh delivers a food box that lets subscribers make high-quality self-cooked meals at home. Customers can pick between different recipes and receive the exact number and portion of the ingredients needed. That way they get the right ingredients and are not stuck with leftovers. HelloFresh claims to deliver well over one million meals per month.

San Francisco Mayor Ed Lee interacts with a technological artifact.

Net neutrality's latest champion: San Francisco mayor Ed Lee

Unlike most of what happens at the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) in Washington, D.C., the raging debate over network neutrality has attracted the attention of businesses and activists nationwide — and now mayors, too.

What to Think

What to Think, Ep. 9: Building a minimum-viable city

In this episode, VentureBeat’s Dylan Tweney and Jordan Novet talk with Jay Nath, the chief innovation officer for the city of San Francisco, about the ways that S.F. is embracing the “lean startup” philosophy and working with entrepreneurs. Yes, he really does use the terms “minimum viable product,” “interface,” and “product-market fit.”