A protest in Istanbul in June, 2013.

Turkey’s social censorship will hurt startups

With so many citizens finding ways around his censorship of Twitter and YouTube, Turkey’s prime minister Recep Tayyip Erdoğan may not have succeeded in silencing Western online media — but he may well kill off Turkish digital startups’ own chances of success.


Why France needs to build a bridge to Silicon Valley

French entrepreneur Jerome Lecat has an open letter for the president of France: Build a bridge between Silicon Valley and France, and lower the barriers to creating startups in France.

Tiny processors like this one from Broadcom will make the internet of things possible. #CES2014

It’s time to put the silicon back in Silicon Valley

What happened in the 1990s — the funding gap between hardware and software — is in many ways happening again, to the detriment of our overall tech ecosystem.

Another happy-looking Tesla driver.

One year and 15,000 miles with a Tesla Model S

My view has become more nuanced after 365 days and 15,243 miles of of blizzards, bird droppings, heat, cold, glitches, groceries, dogs, road trips, drag races, Superchargers, traffic jams, service visits, vampire draw, software updates, and “Check Tire Pressure Monitoring System” warnings.