The Meffys 2014 Awards are open for entry

A consistent characteristic of Mobile 3.0 is that the benefits are bi-directional. A large company can hope to achieve lower or negligible mobile development costs, accelerated speed to market and deliver products that add value to an existing service, all while keeping them relevant in the fast-paced mobile space.

Don’t miss the biggest [a]list summit so far on July 31

Popular entertainment marketing industry event, [a]list summit, is returning for its 9th iteration on July 31st and will be held at the brand new The Line Hotel in Los Angeles’ latest foodie-infested hotspot, Koreatown. The focus this year is the science, art, and business of influencer marketing, featuring a keynote from YouTube’s head of brand strategy, Eric Solomon; an array of top YouTubers; and 25-plus speakers from among the best and brightest of the influencer-marketing sphere.

Connected Cloud Summit showcases the latest Internet of things innovations

The Connected Cloud Summit will bring together executives from the leading IoT players and innovative enterprises deploying the IoT solutions. The Summit will examine how the Cloud is enabling enterprises to pursue new business opportunities and overcome the technology challenges created by IoT to better serve their customers, create new offerings, and gain a competitive advantage in the marketplace.

The time for deep linking standards is now

Year after year since the big app stores launched, native apps have asserted their hegemony over the mobile web. One big drawback of native apps was the inability then the difficulty to seamlessly access any content from one app to the other the way the web allows to link any page to any other. The workarounds already in place aren’t yet widely accepted standards and create additional work for developers to set up. It frustrates users and developers who feel like mobile a step back in the wrong direction.

The new rules of new-school marketing

The old world of marketers using intrusive, interruptive, and confined advertising tactics is changing into a world where marketing and content are becoming indistinguishable. Within the span of 15 years, we went from copy-based search ads to animated ads, rich media, social media, video ads, mobile ads, tablet experiences, the programmatic approach, and most recently, native advertising.