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A VC principal's advice for creating a successful app business

Getting investment in your app or idea to give it the push it needs to get noticed is the aim of most developers but how do you do it? At Apps World Europe this November there will be a heavy focus on what investors are looking for when they invest in apps and apps-based businesses. Below we collate some of their best tips.


It’s all about mobile for brands and agencies at Mobile Media Summit during Advertising Week

On September 29, Mobile Media Summit, the largest mobile media and advertising conference, will kick-off Advertising Week in New York at the famed New World Stages. Mobile Media Summit attracts more brands and advertisers than any other mobile conference by covering the relevant mobile topics such as, location, programmatic, digital creative and mobile ROI.


The push for growth: Startup Marketing Conference 2014

Startup Marketing Conference is the ONLY digital and lean marketing education event for startups and innovation teams that is focused on growth. This fall’s program features a robust agenda with two tracks , offering a wide range of topics to suit all experience levels and budgets.


The Dark Social: Are you game?

If you’re part of the games industry, you know how incredibly competitive and fast the market is. You can work for months up to the buildup of the big release day and still be frustrated with the lack of hype surrounding your product.


Silicon Valley Meets Asia: Join the Global Tech Discussion at beGLOBAL

Korea’s startups are garnering global recognition backed by the likes of Y Combinator, Tech Stars, Sequoia Capital, Altos Ventures, and Formation 8. Ten of the brightest Korean startups have been chosen to attend beGLOBAL for their potential of success in U.S. markets.


How cloud gaming is leading us to the Holodeck

Star Trek’s Holodeck may seem far-fetched, but the pieces of its premise are coming together at an incredible pace and the software that will power it all is already being explored for the next generation of cloud games.


Navigating the Shift to Digital and Mobile Video

Why are so many brand marketers still struggling to shift budget away from traditional TV into digital and mobile –especially when consumers are spending 33 minutes per day consuming mobile video and that number is set to grow by 50%?


PlayStation reveals cloud strategy at Cloud Gaming USA

Senior leaders from PlayStation Now and Gaikai show how gamers can stream PlayStation’s biggest titles from all devices, making mass cloud streaming possible for PlayStations 4’s large instil base for the first time.


HealthTech Conference 2014: What new HealthTech companies will be the winners?

There’s nothing we want more in this innovation economy than new business models. But what makes the difference between a sustainable healthcare business and simply building a product? Successful HealthTech companies will be those that deliver a value proposition with a proven ROI for the customer. As our industry evolves, these disruptive companies continuously investigate the customer’s unmet needs, and find ways to meet them.


Top 5 Wearable Industry Challenges

The wearables market represents a significant new market opportunity for device OEMs. However, like any emerging computing platform, wearables have yet to figure out where they sit in a consumer’s lifestyle. Though consumer awareness and adoption have increased recently, OEMs, developers, and device manufacturers will have to consider and overcome several market barriers. We have summarized some of the top wearable industry challenges below.


Apply to Splash LA startup competition and win sit-down meetings with top VCs and $35k-plus in prizes

Vator, one of the largest business networks for high-tech entrepreneurs and investors, is holding its popular Splash event in Casa del Mar in Santa Monica on October 2. If you’re a startup and want a chance to win 10 sit-down meetings with VCs and $35k-plus in prizes, apply, be sure to apply to the startup competition. The application deadline is August 22nd.

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Redefine networking with Startup & Tech Mixer

Join Startup & Tech Mixer and BMW DriveNow on August 8th and find yourself surrounded by exceptional individuals and curated spaces that speak to a vast audience in the startup, technology, and corporate world. Come experience an event full of unique ways to network, learn, play and relax.


Drumroll: Announcing the 2014 GrowthBeat Innovation Showdown finalists

We received over 100 quality startup applicants to the GrowthBeat Innovation Showdown, one of the highlights of VentureBeat’s first annual event on the data, apps and science of successful marketing (next Tuesday and Wednesday, August 5th and 6th, in San Francisco).


Learn How McDonald's is making moves in mobile

The Mobile Media Summit Chicago will bring together the biggest names in advertising and marketing to discuss how mobile is changing the media mix for hundreds of senior agency, media, brand and publisher executives.

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The Meffys 2014 Awards are open for entry

A consistent characteristic of Mobile 3.0 is that the benefits are bi-directional. A large company can hope to achieve lower or negligible mobile development costs, accelerated speed to market and deliver products that add value to an existing service, all while keeping them relevant in the fast-paced mobile space.

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This summer, don't miss GrowthBeat & GROW Conference

This summer, two of the leading tech conferences are breaking through the clutter of data, growth, marketing and customer experience. Starting with GrowthBeat in San Francisco, followed by the GROW Conference, in Whistler.


One Kings Lane makes data count, drives bigger sales with fewer emails

At GrowthBeat, One Kings Lane will show how it uses platforms like CommandIQ to build unified profiles from its customers’ multiple digital bread crumbs and then design A/B testing campaigns to send fewer emails with much better chances of driving purchases.


Don’t miss the biggest [a]list summit so far on July 31

Popular entertainment marketing industry event, [a]list summit, is returning for its 9th iteration on July 31st and will be held at the brand new The Line Hotel in Los Angeles’ latest foodie-infested hotspot, Koreatown. The focus this year is the science, art, and business of influencer marketing, featuring a keynote from YouTube’s head of brand strategy, Eric Solomon; an array of top YouTubers; and 25-plus speakers from among the best and brightest of the influencer-marketing sphere.


Connected Cloud Summit showcases the latest Internet of things innovations

The Connected Cloud Summit will bring together executives from the leading IoT players and innovative enterprises deploying the IoT solutions. The Summit will examine how the Cloud is enabling enterprises to pursue new business opportunities and overcome the technology challenges created by IoT to better serve their customers, create new offerings, and gain a competitive advantage in the marketplace.