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The tucked and the untucked

Make sure you are creating situations for the tucked and untucked to get together, be together, and work together.


How to get funding, as told by August Capital (video)

The Internet has fundamentally changed the ways in which startups receive funding these days. In many ways, it’s much easier to connect with investors that you want to work with, but on the other hand, it’s much more difficult to secure funding because of the massive amount of competition in the marketplace. Thus, for early-stage startups, it’s incredibly important to hone in on your product or service and perfect your pitch if you want to be one of the few startups that succeeds.

What to Think

What to Think, Ep. 11: That game was fixed!

Google’s new design language is a rip-off! Twitter is small potatoes! These and other rosy little rays of sunshine in this episode of What to Think. Plus, we delve into a culture clash between SF politicians and the app that’s changing urban car-parking.

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How does a small company make a big company successful?

Every single day I have multiple conversations and emails from CEOs and people at companies I work with about how to work with Big Tech Companies. You know — Google, Apple, Microsoft, Oracle, IBM, Amazon, Facebook, Twitter, Salesforce, SAP, LinkedIn, Cisco, Yahoo, HP, AT&T, Verizon, I could keep going for a long time.


Kursguru creates an online community for offline courses

Founded just three months ago, Kursguru (translated “course guru”) is a new startup in Berlin’s Mitte District looking to centralize your search for offline educational courses. The current platform (at the moment only available in German) allows you to browse and book yoga, cooking, and first aid classes. Kursguru’s Co-founder Felix Baer plans to add more categories to the website. His mission is to make Kursguru a localized resource and community for city residents to discover and book educational classes.

Python Obscura was the theme of the Hackbright-led Master Class at DevBeat 2013.

Hacking the hacker school: How the bootcamp is being taken to scale outside the coding world

Coding bootcamps have proven their value to the students, operators, and employers. Despite their steep cost, generally about $1,000 per week in tuition, schools can’t find enough instructors and expand quickly enough to meet demand. Those students are drawn by advertised placement rates of 90 percent or higher in software developer jobs with salaries that return their investments almost immediately.

developing world

Blumberg Capital founder talks about innovation & the developing world (video)

There’s no doubt that the rapid growth of technology and social media sites has drastically influenced the way that consumers interact with brands on a daily basis. And, with advertising technology experiencing a similar boom, marketers and brands are able to deliver their customers with a highly targeted and personalized experience that caters to their needs.

Home screen on Firefox OS

Mozilla's newest release will let you build Firefox OS apps on the web

In a bid for hobbyists and emerging markets, Mozilla plans to include an integrated development environment (IDE) for Firefox OS in upcoming releases of the Firefox browser. In other words, you’ll have a way to code apps directly from Firefox, no extra software required.


The 'Julian Assange factor' that press freedom groups want to avoid at all costs

All editors and journalists could risk legal persecution just for doing their jobs if U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder doesn’t drop his four-year-old investigation into WikiLeaks’ Julian Assange. A warning letter from more than 50 human rights and press freedom groups is demanding a stop to the investigation accordingly.

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After failure, what's next?

Recently, I wrote a post titled After Your First Big Success, What’s Next? The comment thread was powerful and fascinating, as was the direct email feedback I got, including the following note:

Samsung's new Tizen-powered Gear 2 and Gear 2 Neo smartwatches

Samsung's Gear 2 smartwatch just got a badass new messaging app

Samsung’s Gear 2 smartwatch lets its users check texts without having to fish for a phone. However, until today, you had to use your smartphone to reply, which made the notification on your wrist only partially useful.


$2M-funded Review Trackers helps you learn from online feedback — and manage bad reviews

Chicago-based startup Review Trackers provides review harvesting and management software in a cloud-based tracking platform. The software helps companies of any size deal with rapid growth in customer review frequency and content, both good and bad. Today, the 14-person start-up received an infusion of $2 million to advance the mission.


BioCatch's biometric tech snags online fraudsters (and a cool $10M)

BioCatch has raised a total of $10 million in its most recent financing round. The company, which focuses on behavioral biometric authentication and threat detection, intends to use the money to support its research and development efforts and expand its presence in U.S. and European markets.