Mobile monetization product survey

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Are online backup companies ripping you off?

There has been a big boom of online backup companies offering to store your data online for you in case something goes wrong with local versions. This is hardly surprising as hard disk prices have been falling steadily since… forever…

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Startup investing through crowdfunding—legally and professionally

Does traditional Crowdfunding make you feel like just another investor in the crowd? If you’re new to investing in tech startups or an experienced angel investor, don’t let the lack of client service, due diligence and deal flow hold you back.

Untitled3 Exciting new startup set to go viral! is one of the most exciting up and coming sites out there. Both a website and iPhone application, which recently emerged from beta, amirite invites users to post an opinion…


A tale of two crashes

Are you ready to say goodbye to your hard drive? Would you lose important data if it suddenly stopped working today? Neither internal nor external hard drives are meant to last forever…

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New features for Samsung ChatON

Mobile Instant Messaging has come a long way since it first swept the globe with Blackberry Messenger. iPhone offerings advanced the communication options, but Android, the fastest growing operating system today…


Your way, right away: The future of business apps

Burger King: Your Way, Right Away. We’ve all heard that slogan. The notion is, you don’t just get a boring old burger off the assembly line (ahem, McDonald’s), you get your order customized, built for your needs…

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Ten things you can do today to disaster-proof your business

Hurricanes. Fires. Equipment failure. Theft. What would you do if your company’s emails, billing records, customer files, inventory reports, payroll and tax information suddenly disappeared? If you’re unsure, you should probably…


FX on the move: Apps are changing forex forever

Trading the financial markets has become more and more popular in recent years, as the internet has made forex accessible to everyone. Recently however, apps have begun to emerge…

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Mobile game studios and big publishers talk strategy

Mobile gaming has exploded this year. The latest figures show over 135 billion people playing at least one hour of games per month on a smartphone or tablet and the huge growth shows no sign of slowing down.


Plug and Play EXPO winners net $30 million-plus in past year

With Kloudless recently closing a successful seed round, Plug and Play EXPO winners from the past year have now raised over $30 million. That number is set to grow as Plug and Play Tech Center has locked in the next batch of 30 startup companies…


What innovations do carriers need?

The rapid pace of technological change means that fixed and wireless telecom carriers must be on the constant search for new technologies. They need the new tech to provide new services…

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Tips for Designing for App Monetization

At the recent MobileBeat/GamesBeat conference in San Francisco, I was interviewed on stage by Matt Marshall, VentureBeat’s Founder & Editor-In-Chief on the topic of designing apps for monetization.


Columbia University’s Executive M.S. in Technology Management

Columbia’s graduate program in Technology Management targets professionals in the technology or technology-related fields who want to accelerate their careers to the executive/CIO level. Taking only 16 months to complete…


Your customer is the center of the design universe

Truly iconic and lasting design is made up of both physical and emotional design elements – not just the tangible object and all of its standard characteristics like shape, size and feel, but the “je ne sais quoi” that demands your attention…


Did you know you could sell your private company stock?

Many people have pre-IPO stock, but don’t know they can sell it before their company goes public. Depending upon the restrictions in the stock agreement, employees can often sell their stock…

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Opportunity and innovation: mBlox and the excitement of Singapore

The story of mBlox in Singapore is one that starts with the industriousness of the people there. Five years ago we acquired the South East Asian network assets of a company called Zed and hired the local employees. We initially had about 12 staff situated there…


Angel Investing evolves through Crowdfunding at Microventures

Way back in 2011 if you wanted to invest in startups you needed to have about $250,000 in capital to spread out between several investments which made investing in Tech startups an exclusive club for the rich. Not only did you need the capital but you also needed to know the right people…

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Untapped Opportunities in Singapore

When people think of Singapore, they probably think of a bustling financial center. What many people do not realize, however, is that Singapore is also developing a thriving software ecosystem that makes it a perfect place…

The state of mobile payments: No more waiting on NFC

About a year ago, I contributed an article to VentureBeat titled “Why does NFC matter? Does tap beat swipe for mobile payments?” In that article, I expounded on the incredible opportunity to enhance the payments…

Cash in on mobile, the third-wave of e-commerce

Eighteen months ago, I bet my career on mobile. The result was HotelTonight, the world’s first made-for-mobile online travel agency. HotelTonight is representative of a broader trend, the third wave of electronic commerce.


Partnering with the Enterprise: Visa, CocaCola, CBS, and LivePerson

Last year, billions where spent on deals between the enterprise and emerging companies. Visa invested in Square, Jive partnered with SalesCrunch, Salesforce acquired Rypple and the list goes on and on. Partnerships, investments, and acquisitions seem rampant…