IT Risk

Why IT pros need to understand risk management

Risk management, at its core, is a simple concept that is often extremely difficult to implement and maintain. Since information is now arguably both the dominant force and the most valuable asset in the modern era…

The five stages of grief with Yakuza: Dead Souls

I freely admit it: I'm a fan of the Yakuza series. The unique mix of brawler, role-playing-game inspired questing and character progression, and off-beat Japanese mini-games and distractions usually amounts to a fun experience for me. In Yakuza: Dead Souls, however, my experience took a decidedly different path.

Dark Souls seems difficult because it’s more realistic

Gamers have grown accustomed to living in complete fantasy worlds. Role-playing games, in particular, allow players to commit egregious violations of the laws of nature, physics, and common sense. Where else can a scrawny teenager expertly wield a sword that is both taller and also weighs more than he does? How likely is it really that a ninja can critically hit a being made of solid stone with a simple shuriken?

Insanely Twisted Shadow Planet tells its story without words

A short time ago, Bitmob Writer Rus McLaughlin told us how Bastion takes a unique approach to storytelling through an interactive narrator. Insanely Twisted Shadow Planet  (the next release in Xbox Live's Summer of Arcade) takes narrative in an even more daring direction by telling its story completely without dialog of any sort.

Puzzler: Aliens and space marines

While some jounalists recently demonstrated confusion over the roots of this classic conflict, there's no question that aliens vs. space marines has become a common theme in video games. In the puzzle below, can you match the space marine on the left with his proper alien foe on the right? To me, these are starting to look very similar. If you find your xenobiology skills lacking, you can find the answers on page 2.

Fable 3 (PC) save game bug: Why I’m glad I’m an IT guy

A few weeks ago, I fired up the PC version of Fable 3 and started to review it. I tried to put all the negative comments I’d read about this title in the back of my mind, and I was actually impressed with this game initially. The graphics remained true to the stylized art direction of the Fable series but looked even better on my PC monitor. The excellent sound effects and music really seemed to fit with the world, which was now seeing an industrial revolution. The first hour or so set up the plot, taught me the controls without being overbearing, and gave my character motivation for his upcoming quest. Everything seemed good.

Bitmob Featured Community Artist: Jan Neves

The Bitmob Featured Community Writer series focuses on you, the Bitmob community member. Usually, we dust off a writer's old articles and give them their just reward: more eyeballs. However, some of the members of our community choose to contribute to our site in different ways that don't always mesh well with our typical editorial process.

Puzzler: Visual Crossword

I started a new job a few months ago, and I'm having a really hard time putting names to all the new faces I see on a daily basis. However, I don't seem to have any problem naming video-game characters after seeing them a few times. Hopefully, that doesn't say something about the value I place on video games versus the value I place on my coworkers.

Puzzler: Find the Hidden Video-Game Characters

I've taken the names of popular video-game characters and embedded them in the sentences below. Each name will appear in consecutive letters, although those letters may span two or more words. The names also may ignore interceding punctuation.

It’s the Little Things: Character Building in Faery: Legends of Avalon

In typical RPG fare, character building usually amounts to selecting a few skills and allocating points on a sheet full of abstract statistics. While these choices generally have a direct impact on the strength and abilities of your character, this tends to draw you out of the world by turning this process into a pure numbers game.

Non-Game Gifts For Your Favorite Gamer

While I like to get my Christmas shopping done early, I personally think Black Friday is a festering pustule on the anus of humanity. So, if you're like me and you're going to lock yourself in your house on Friday and let the other sub-humans fight over the $299 flat-screen TVs, here are some of my favorite gaming-related gift suggestions which you can order online.

Video-Game Rebus Puzzles: Round Three

I think you folks know the drill by now. Figure out the name of the video game by sounding out the picture clues below. If you want to check your answers (or cheat) head over to page two.

Puzzler: What the Hell is That?

Some monsters in video games are scary. A few beasts make you ask, "Dude, what the f@#$ is that!?" The best foes are usually a combination of both. Can you identify these freakish video-game denizens?

Origins of Horror Gaming: My Experience with The Count

I wake up in a brass bed in a non-descript room. After mustering the energy to get up, I check my pockets for clues. The only thing I have is a tent stake, but its purpose remains a mystery for now. A quick trip to the window reveals that I’m in a large castle, and the sheer cliff-face below quickly convinces me that this is not a valid escape route. I exit the room as quietly as possible and begin to explore.

Puzzler: Three Clues, One Game

This week's puzzler is deceptively simple. For each item, I'm going to give you three visual clues that all point to one video game. Your job is to figure out which game I'm referring to. Note that the clues might not be straightforward — you may have to sound them out, think of them in a different context, or take only a part of the clue presented. As always, you can find the answers on page two.

Puzzler: Transform These Words

Harness your inner Optimus Prime and help me transform these words into the other word in the corresponding pair. To do this, change one letter at each step to form another common English word (it has to appear in a standard dictionary) until you reach the goal.

Puzzler: Odd Man Out

One of these things is not like the other. In each of these pictures, can you figure out what common thread binds three of these items and excludes the fourth? If you're having problems with these relationships, Dr. Phil will provide the answers on page two.