Obama and Romney dish on policies for startup growth

A simple letter sent by the New York Tech Meetup to President Barack Obama and Republican nominee Mitt Romney got the candidates to discuss their policies around startups and the technology community at large.

This funky little cube prints your texts and photos for granny

It may not be the greenest way to communicate with your elders, but a new device called messageQube could go long way in breaking down technological and communication barriers between youngsters and seniors, as well as doctors and ailing patients.

RIM gives out 6K BlackBerry 10 dev prototypes to seed App World

BlackBerry 10, the hyped mobile operating system that could resurrect the Research in Motion brand, is still months away from reaching consumers. Thousands of developers, however, were given early access to the platform to build BlackBerry 10-ready applications.


Meet Facebook’s newest advertiser: You

Facebook today started offering some of its U.S. members a simple way to ensure that more of their friends see their super important, can’t-miss status updates.