KDA Goofy 2

Review: Kinect Disneyland Adventures is the most unique and most disappointing Kinect game yet

For the better part of five years, I worked as  Disney cast member. I spent day after day learning the biggest secrets of a company that protects fiercely and, as a result, I lost what Disney and its fan know as “the magic.” The extraordinary became mundane,  and in a weird way, I began to step away. Who knew it would take a virtual trip back to reignite my love?


Review: Kinect Sports Season 2 feels like a fumble at the goal line

When it was released alongside the Kinect last November, Kinect Sports was one of those easy purchases for a good majority of the peripheral’s early adopters. It was easy to jump in, fun for the whole family and a good display of what the 3D camera motion-sensing system could do. It was also filled with flaws and glitches that affected the game’s visuals and gameplay. Now, one year later, Rare and Microsoft return with Kinect Sports: Season 2.