Digg shows page view stats in ongoing effort to recapture relevancy

Social news aggregator site Digg.com has unveiled more new features designed to satisfy users unhappy with the direction the site has gone since a botched redesign attempt last year. Interestingly, some of the features look promising enough that longtime users may be distracted for a few days before remembering the fact that there are still massive issues Digg needs to fix before possibly recapturing its lost user base and site community activity.

Digg’s redesign fails to address core problems

Social news aggregator site Digg did a good job last week of unveiling a new look and adding back some features it had removed prior to version 4, but the company still has a long way to go before it finally erases all of the mistakes it has made.

Startup Envolve takes on Meebo with new browser-based chat

Web-based chat client Envolve unveiled plugins today that are said to give it “deep integration” with Drupal, WordPress and other online content management systems. The bootstrapped San Francisco startup hopes the move will help it mount a challenge to Meebo, the leader in the web-based instant messaging space.

Content-maker BlueGlass launches new tool for online publishers

Online marketing company BlueGlass Interactive has released a content creation tool for publishers that it hopes will put it in direct competition with powerhouse online content provider Demand Media, without any of the negativity that Demand has attracted because of accusations it runs “content mills.”

High-flying Reddit loses chief to its founder’s startup

Social news aggregator Reddit.com announced Monday that its chief executive and lead developer Christopher Slowe is leaving the company, even as the site experiences a year of unparalleled traffic success.

With layoffs and top execs gone, Digg needs to redesign its business, too

Social news aggregator Digg laid off more than a third of its staff Monday in the wake of a failed redesign, and its top sales and finance executives left — suggesting that more than just the website’s look and feel need fixing. In a post on the company blog, new CEO Matt Williams claimed the cuts, affecting 25 out of 67 employees, were needed in order to achieve profitability by mid-2011.

New Digg CEO apologizes to site’s fans

Some six weeks after he was hired to be the new chief executive of news aggregator Digg.com, Matt Williams greeted community members for the first time today, apologized for  the site’s botched attempt at a redesign, and announced officially that several old features would be returning.

Why is non-CEO Kevin Rose messing around with Digg?

Social news aggregator Digg hired former Amazon executive Matt Williams to be CEO a little over a month ago, but ex-CEO and co-founder Kevin Rose is still fiddling around with the site it seems.

Is it too late for a Digg comeback?

Social news aggregator site Digg.com is trying to work its way out of the traffic hole it created with its botched redesign attempt. Today it announced the return of several popular features from its previous version.

Digg traffic down, but not out

A month ago, popular news aggregator Digg underwent a redesign that many describe as disastrous. Now, despite bad press, site bugs, and a traffic collapse, the company is trying to put a good face on its current state. It sent letters to publishers this week in an attempt to calm them during what many say is a drop in referral traffic.

Reddit buzz wins the site Microsoft ad bucks

Reddit, the headline aggregator and discussion site run by the parent company of Wired magazine, features plenty of talked-about stories. But only recently has it seen news that bodes well for the site’s own business.

Reddit ‘excited’ about chance to eat Digg’s lunch

For a long time now, Digg has been the king of technology news aggregation. Tech fans liked the way they could rate their favorite tech stories highly, and see links to those rise to the top of the site’s home page.

The problem with Dry Erase Girl: There’s no business in hoaxes

The men who fooled the Internet with their hoax about a woman who quit her job via a dry erase board say it made some money for their site, TheChive.com — but that attention-grabbing stunts don’t make for a reliable business model for their company, Rober Media.

‘iMac Touch’ patent uncovered in Europe

If a patent published recently in Europe is any indication, Apple is planning to build computers that combine touch screen capabilities of the iPad with traditional mouse and keyboard interfaces on the same device.

Amateurish Facebook Live will suck up your time

Facebook kicked off a live streaming video channel today for its 500 million users. The channel, “Facebook Live” comes off as slightly amateurish, and it doesn’t seem to be drawing many viewers yet, but it could become an effective platform for celebrities, companies, and the company itself.

Sequoia backs Airstrip to let doctors watch you remotely

Airstrip Technologies, a mobile software company that specializes in remote patient monitoring, announced today it closed an undisclosed round of financing from venture firm Sequoia Capital.

Web video company My Damn Channel zeroes in on branded and celebrity content

It wasn’t too long ago that YouTube was one of the only online video sites, and online video had no trouble drawing in an audience. Now that a host of new players have hit the scene, including Netflix and Hulu to name just two, companies vying for eyeballs are having to come up with new ways to stand out in the crowd. One player, My Damn Channel, which launched in 2007, is focusing on producing original content featuring celebrities, and sponsored content made in partnership with major brands. The company announced a $4.4 million infusion of funding today.