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Sales vs. marketing: Who's out-innovating whom?

Relying on global economic growth is not a winning strategy for salespeople who want more commision. Instead, they are turning to sales acceleration tools to help win their share.


Tesco's Dunnhumby buys ad tech company Sociomantic

The Berlin ad tech startup works with brands in electronics, retail, fashion, and travel services in more than 60 markets spanning six continents.

Mozilla CEO Brendan Eich speaking at a conference in 2008, the same year he made his infamous Prop. 8 donation.

Brendan Eich resigns as Mozilla's CEO

Did Mozilla’s chairperson have a change of heart? Did the board take him out? Or is Eich simply tired of the public scrutiny and intense anger and disappointment being aimed in his direction?

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Here's how to find & keep a great outside board member

I’m an enormous believer in the value of outside directors relatively early in the life of a company. I like to keep boards small and weighted toward outside directors as the companies grow.

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Trust in apps is on a downward trajectory

For almost as long as apps have been on the market, consumers have been bombarded privacy concerns about the way apps gather and store and use personal information.