How to survive SXSW in 15 easy steps

Take care of your body & soul. Exercise frugality, common sense, & restraint with strangers. Set your expectations low for sessions and social events. And try not to complain too much.

Clue founder Ida Tin

Berlin fertility app Clue scores $700K seed funding round

Clue has also won over Adam Wiggins, founder of web app platform Heroku, as an advisor. He’ll help the startup scale its engineering team and put the right technical infrastructure in place to build Clue 2.0.


Smart body scale maker Picooc is raising $20M

A bathroom scale that can record and analyze health metrics isn’t new. But thanks to the brand hype, products like the well-designed Picooc Latin has drawn much attention from media and consumers.


Uber revs up its German expansion

The limousine service will soon be launching in multiple German cities. Dusseldorf, Frankfurt, and Hamburg are up next. At the moment, Uber is only available in Munich and Berlin.

Play with Photoshop

Russian investors pile cash into a startup that can detect your Photoshop fakery

Flint Capital, a $30 million high-tech investment fund based in Moscow, and FRII, a government-backed $200 million seed and early-stage fund, have invested an undisclosed amount in SMTDP Tech LTD, a St. Petersburg startup that has developed a technology to verify the authenticity of photographs.


7 great companies that really should not exist

Airbnb, Tinder, Yplan. These youth-focused, mobile-savvy companies are all seeing rocketing user figures and phenomenal growth. But they didn’t disrupt the travel, dating, or box office bookings markets.

crowdfunding coins soil

Bigger in Bend, Part 3: Engineering a regional tech cluster

In the beginning in Bend, necessity was the mother of invention. Local entrepreneurs just made it up as they went. But today we are intentionally engineering six distinct activities to support this tech cluster.