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The 10 largest tech IPOs of 2012

Facebook may have been the IPO that people everywhere anticipated and then lamented, but 2012 was largely defined by a series of stellar public debuts by enterprise software markers.

The top 10 social-media stories that shaped 2012

With outlandish lawsuits, a botched IPO, and a detailed social record of historic world events, 2012 will be remembered as a year of extreme highs and lows in social media. Here are the top 10 social stories that defined the year.

Unlike Instagram, Flickr latches on to Twitter

The Yahoo-owned Flickr, alongside the release of a brand new app for iPhone, threw in support for Twitter Cards this morning, bringing its newly filtered captures to tweets near you.

Google courts photographers with Snapseed for Android release

Google today released an Android version of the sophisticated photo-editing application Snapseed, a product it picked up in its acquisition of photography software developer Nik Software. The company also updated the Snapsneed app for iOS to make it free.

ShopKeep POS banks $10M for iPad register system

iPad point-of-sale provider ShopKeep POS has closed an important sale of its own. The New York-based startup has banked $10 million in funding from Canaan Partners, Tribeca Venture Partners, and TTV Capital.

Last.fm co-founders return to “scrobble” the web with Lumi

Felix Miller and Martin Stiksel are two of the co-founders of Last.fm, the social music service that sold to CBS in 2007. Now, the boys are back, and this time they think they have what to takes to tackle the only startup market that may be more unforgiving than music: personalized content discovery.