HTML5 Q&A with Carl Ford

Carl Ford, Executive Director of Content for DevCON5 and the Co-Founder of Crossfire Media, talks about the evolution of HTML5, its’ impact on consumers and enterprises and the exciting conference content that awaits next month’s DevCON5 attendees.

Selling innovation into telcos

Silicon Valley is rife with innovation. Historically, that innovation started in hardware, then added in software, then the web, and lately it has become the global capital for innovation in the mobile telecoms industry.

DEMO Innovation Tour 2013 announced

DEMO is setting their sights on DEMO Fall 2013, scheduled for October 15-17. Erick Schonfeld, DEMO Executive Producer and the DEMO launch evaluation team are hitting the road in search of the best new innovations in the areas of mobile, enterprise, commerce, health, frontier and social.

Rise of the ‘consumer enterprise’

Travel back 40 years and you’d notice all the cool technology was found in the workplace—not the home. Now within 25 years, a dramatic change occurred – and the most innovative and desirable technology not only came into our homes but right into our hands.

Inside 3D Printing Chicago

Inside 3D Printing Conference attracted 3,000 attendees and top exhibitors like MakerBot and 3D Systems to its inaugural event in New York. Now, after months of exponential growth and tremendous 3D printing coverage in the news, the conference will head to Chicago this July 10-11.