Are conferences a waste of time?

GROW conference was created to help entrepreneurs build the next billion-dollar company. GROW is about the future of innovation, growth, and entrepreneurship.

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HTML5 Q&A with Carl Ford

Carl Ford, Executive Director of Content for DevCON5 and the Co-Founder of Crossfire Media, talks about the evolution of HTML5, its’ impact on consumers and enterprises and the exciting conference content that awaits next month’s DevCON5 attendees.


Selling innovation into telcos

Silicon Valley is rife with innovation. Historically, that innovation started in hardware, then added in software, then the web, and lately it has become the global capital for innovation in the mobile telecoms industry.


Thousands of apps committing ‘appicide’ — and the numbers are growing

Every day, millions of us around the world are affected by “appicide”: mobile apps forcing users to delete them by failing to provide a superior mobile experience. In fact, research shows that only 3 out of 10 of us on average will keep a mobile app on our devices after 90 days.


DEMO Innovation Tour 2013 announced

DEMO is setting their sights on DEMO Fall 2013, scheduled for October 15-17. Erick Schonfeld, DEMO Executive Producer and the DEMO launch evaluation team are hitting the road in search of the best new innovations in the areas of mobile, enterprise, commerce, health, frontier and social.


Context: The cornerstone of productivity

Today, productivity apps are everywhere – in businesses, educational institutions, government organizations and even homes, with 1.2 billion people using them.

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The new face of mobile app marketers

HasOffers is launching a survey to spotlight the marketing specialists that they believe are smack in the middle of it all – the mobile app marketer – to help shed light on best practices and strategies.


SXSW V2V August 2013: Why We Like Las Vegas!

In the spirit of VentureBeat’s week long series on the Las Vegas Downtown Project, SXSW V2V would like to join the conversation and share why we decided to join the community.

Consumerization of the Enterprise

Rise of the ‘consumer enterprise’

Travel back 40 years and you’d notice all the cool technology was found in the workplace—not the home. Now within 25 years, a dramatic change occurred – and the most innovative and desirable technology not only came into our homes but right into our hands.

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New research from CEA at Research Summit

Kick off CE Week in New York by attending the 2013 CEA Research Summit presented by The Consumer Electronics Association on June 24 at The High Line Hotel.


Creating the perfect customer experience starts and ends with mobile

Think about your best interactions as a customer. What made those experiences so great? Was it the consistency? The way the business knew what you needed without asking? The fact that they made you feel appreciated? Or a combination of all the above?


Inside 3D Printing Chicago

Inside 3D Printing Conference attracted 3,000 attendees and top exhibitors like MakerBot and 3D Systems to its inaugural event in New York. Now, after months of exponential growth and tremendous 3D printing coverage in the news, the conference will head to Chicago this July 10-11.


Latest trends: Creative branding with a .Me domain name

If Shakespeare were alive in 2013 and worked in the Silicon Valley, he’d probably be wondering, “What’s in a domain name?” After the dot-com boom in the late ‘90s, good .com real estate is getting increasingly difficult to find.

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Innovation happening outside of the Valley

Want to meet the next generation of innovators? Then don’t miss Techweek, the largest tech-fest in the Midwest, taking place in Chicago’s historic Merchandise Mart from June 27-29.


T-Minus one week until Glimpse shakes up social discovery

On Wednesday June 12, many of the leading names in social discovery will take the stage at the Bently Reserve to uncover what social discovery is today, where it is going from here and why it matters – and the people coming together on this stage will definitely turn heads.


Five reasons users uninstall mobile apps

There are million different reasons to download an app. Peer pressure. Curiosity. The list goes on. But knowing when to let go of a mobile app, well, that’s the tricky part.

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Identity — the great enabler of what’s next

Much like Moore’s Law and Metcalfe’s Law have fueled the utility of computing and networking industries over the past few decades, I’ve observed something else about the forward-moving nature of networking that seems to be rooted in some sort of universal law.


Maximize your conference experience: 5 tips from SXSW V2V

As Spring turns to Summer, there are a number of fantastic conference events on the calendar. The organizers of SXSW V2V would like to share five simple tips on how you can make any conference experience more valuable.

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Why due diligence matters in equity crowdfunding

Over the past 2 years, MicroVentures has reviewed over 2,000 companies and through its rigorous review process, filtered the prospective list to less than 40, which met the criteria to raise on the platform.


The power of custom cohorting in mobile games

For those unfamiliar with the term, “cohorting” refers to creating user segments, or technically, a group of people banded together as a group. You can segment a user base in many different ways.


See the future of games at E3 2013

In three weeks, the video game industry will descend on Los Angeles to attend E3 2013 to see the future of the video game industry. Will you be there?


Taking the cloud to a higher altitude

We’re well beyond any question about whether cloud computing is the future. Software-as-a-Service paved the way for the idea that organizations can operate some of their most important systems in an on-premise or off-premise cloud.


Are you the next music tech success story?

Are you an innovator at the convergence of internet, music and technology? One of the entrepreneurs, investors, developers, or press who are building a better future for musicians and fans?

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Why didn’t I think of that?!

If you’re starting the next big thing, building a business or looking for your next venture, likely you could use all the networking opportunities you can get.