Woman’s LinkedIn account stolen; court rules she can’t sue under Computer Fraud and Abuse Act

Recently, California found it illegal to ask prospective employees for their social network credentials. But it seems if you’re already hired and give your user name and password to a co-worker, she can take over your social profile with no legal repercussions. At least, under the Computer Fraud and Abuse Act, according to Ars Technica.

Two guys from Singapore changing the way we take out loans

When loan sharks bite, they bite hard and often leave a nasty scar. But when you need cash and the bank is shutting you out, there’s often no other option.
Aidil Zulkifli, a lawyer in Singapore, and Izati Ngaliman, who heads up the marketing side, founded Singapore-based LoanGarage in 2012 to solve this problem. The two founders are building the business with the goal of making loan sharks more transparent.

FreshTag video chats start with a hashtag but they don’t end with privacy

Video chatting company FreshTag is sick of having to invite you to things. Can’t you just anticipate what FreshTag wants and do it before it asks? Gosh, be a better user. That is, when it comes to video chats. The company set up a way to video chat without usernames or friend-invites, though it may not be the most private way to meet face-to-face online.