dog demin

Funding Daily: Dog denim

We know only one of these companies has anything to do with blue jeans, but we needed any excuse we could find to use the picture above.

A serious Android at Google I/O 2013.

Twitter Android app getting a redesign

It looks like on top of filing to go public, Twitter is also revamping its Android app. Those who have signed up for a beta received the new version this week, according to The Verge.

apple store

Carl Icahn buys 'quite a bit' of Apple's 'no brainer' stock

Billionaire Carl Icahn invested in Apple yet again, saying the company is “extremely cheap” as its stock continues to fall.Icahn, who up until two days ago was actively pursuing a take over of Dell, has been touting Apple as undervalued. Last month, he purchased a “large position” in Apple, tweeting about his conversations with the company’s chief executive Tim Cook. At the time, he alluded that the conversations were not over and that he and Cook would talk “again shortly.” Seems those communication lines did, in fact, stay open, as Icahn told CNBC that he’d bought “quite a bit” of Apple’s stock.He did not tweet about today’s purchase, but he did further express to CNBC that, for him, Apple is a “no brainer.”The company released its latest set of iPhones, set to be officially released to customers on September 20. Instead of lowering the price on its iPhone 5, Apple decided to come out with two new versions of the 5: the 5C and the 5S. The 5C is a slightly pared down version that comes in a range of colors due to its plastic body. The 5S offers all the new hardware upgrades, and is made out of metal.The announcement didn’t do much for Apple’s stock, however. It tumbled $29 a share today and continued to drop five percent in after-hours trading. Unfortunately, Icahn’s influence hasn’t affected Apple’s share price today, which closed at 467.71.When Icahn announced his first investment in August, the company’s stock jumped to $500 for the first time since January.

hybrid cloud

Hybrid cloud: two competing models

Since hybrid cloud has already been declared victorious the next and perhaps even more relevant topic becomes a discussion of whose hybrid cloud will win.


5 crowdsourcing golden rules

Your startup could avoid spending a lot of money if you crowdsource your needs at the beginning.

peak surveillance

Have we passed peak surveillance?

“These vendors are becoming our feudal lords, and we are becoming their vassals. We might refuse to pledge allegiance to all of them … But either way, it’s becoming increasingly difficult to not pledge allegiance to at least one of them.”


The API-economy is coming and fast

In today’s world, having a strong API strategy isn’t just good software practice; it’s a powerful business practice.