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The next 3 companies on Microsoft’s SaaS wishlist

Microsoft is acquiring companies that are aligned with its goal of becoming a mobile first, cloud first organization, that help it to enhance its Office productivity and collaboration offering, and that boost its image as a company that prioritizes user experience and design. So who’s next on Nadella’s shopping list?

The 2010 class of Techstars entrepreneurs.

7 key things you need to know about an accelerator like Techstars

My startup, Final, was lucky enough to take part in this year’s Techstars Boulder program. Along with learning that a diet consisting only of free coffee and Cosmo’s pizza gives your skin a weird tint, here are some key takeaways from my experience with one of the top tech accelerators.


How teaching can make you a better programmer

Seven weeks ago, I embarked on a journey teaching 20 adult students for General Assembly’s front-end Web development program. The experience has catapulted my ability to contribute as an engineer.

Internet of things

How the Internet of things could transform the enterprise

It’s an exciting time to be in enterprise tech: We’re seeing tablets go from video streaming screens at home to salesforce-enabling tools in the enterprise. Meanwhile, wearables like Google Glass are going from hiking trip cameras to repairing jet engines at GE.

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Big data, what have you done for me lately?

There is so much talk about big data, and yet it is rare to see in companies that aren’t drowning in cash like Google, a business that can really get to the dream of N=ALL.

7 reasons for entrepreneurs to avoid tranched investments

The current thinking around tranches by most investors is that they are a good tool to motivate founders, however, tranches are more damaging to the long term success of a company than investors typically consider,