Rocky Agrawal, PayPal employee.

Why I’m joining PayPal

Longtime VentureBeat contributor Rocky Agrawal explains why he is going to work for PayPal — and gives some pointers on how he evaluates startup and big-company job opportunities.

Surge pricing can lead to your company getting battered by the waves of public opinion.

Evernote's Phil Libin shows how to do startup PR the right way

Evernote CEO Phil Libin got a terrible birthday present for his 42nd birthday: a highly critical review of the popular note-taking service by influential tech blogger Jason Kincaid. But Libin’s response was a rarity in the Valley these days: it showed a CEO who gets the importance of good PR.

Breaking your product

When you should break your product

I’m a tough critic when it comes to products. I usually compare products to what I know technology is capable of, not what the competition is doing. Every product can be made better.

PayPal mobile payments

PayPal beating Square at its own game in UK

PayPal is leaping ahead with an EMV version of its PayPal Here reader, which is a better fit for many international markets. I was recently in London and had the chance to get a demo from PayPal’s Narik Patel, director of mobile merchant services.

AmEx makes buying as easy as tweeting

Starting today, cardholders can sync their American Express card to their Twitter account and provide shipping information once, and then they can tweet to make select purchases.


Replacing the humble receipt

You know that little slip of paper you get at the end of a transaction? It’s printed on flimsy paper. It gets crumpled. It gets lost. Well, it’s long overdue for a upgrade.

Belkin’s WeMo home automation fails to dazzle

Home automation technologies have been promising to change our lives for decades. Finally, Wi-Fi and mobile devices may be able to deliver on that promise. But Belkin’s WeMo line of products shows we’re not there yet.

Give the gift of good design

Many a Christmas morning is ruined by poorly designed consumer electronics.