Analyzing the market of HTML5 games

What the are the best HTML5 game engines? The most popular HTML5 games to date? The best libraries for HTML5 games? used a spider to find out.

8 tips for saving the world in XCOM: Enemy Unknown

Covering how to use Satellites, which alien abduction missions to prioritize, how to design your main base, and more, this guide to Enemy Unknown’s strategy layer will have you beating back the alien invasion in no time at all.

MAGFest: A long weekend of games, music, and heavy drinking (interview)

Nick “the newibe” Marinelli talks MAGFest: a long weekend of playing the Atari 2600 all the way through the PlayStation 3, listening to bands like Minibosses and Earthbound Papas, cosplaying, attempting game challenges, watching discussion panels featuring Sid Meier and Chris Hazard, and drinking with abandon.

Armored Core V

Armored Core V: A blend of motorheads and samurai

Armored Core V demands proficiency yet also provides a space for you to hone your skills. In a blend of Japanese philosophy and machine aesthetics that appeals to American values, From Software wants you to transcend the input device and become one with your core.

XCOM: Enemy Unknown lead designer discusses original creator’s thoughts on the remake (interview)

X-Com: UFO Defense, a strategy game from the early ’90s, is a sort of enigma. Although the original is revered as a masterstroke in design, every stab at a sequel or spiritual successor has fallen short. What about the X-Com formula is so elusive?
When I spoke with Jake Solomon, lead designer for Firaxis Games’ XCOM: Enemy Unknown (a “reimagining” of the original), that question weighed heavily on my mind.