Apple v. Google will define the fourth wave of online mapping

With all of the grumbling these days about Apple’s new maps in iOS, one would think Apple just made the biggest mistake in its history. Yes, Apple’s maps aren’t as good as Google’s. But Google’s maps weren’t as good as the maps they replaced when Google switched away from its data providers a few years ago.

Why Gogo should raise the price on inflight WiFi

To understand Gogo’s economics challenge, you first have to know that there is limited bandwidth to each aircraft — a peak 3.1 Mbps of bandwidth to share among 100+ passengers. (For comparison, I regularly get 15Mbps-25Mbps on my home broadband, just for me.)

NFC’s ongoing user interface problem: some readers don’t work

I haven’t had a lot of kind words for NFC, the mobile payments mechanism that some have touted as the Next Big Thing in payments. I’ve knocked it for being a kludgy experience that doesn’t deliver any meaningful consumer value over swiping a credit card. But NFC has another big problem: Even when you think it might work, it doesn’t.