HealthTap’s social network of 5,000 doctors is ready to give free advice

It’s fair to raise an eyebrow when a social network for healthcare comes along, but this network just might make you raise both eyebrows in surprise: HealthTap has created a healthcare social network with more than 5,000 real-live doctors to answer patient questions. Not peers, not “experts” and not brands. Health questions aren’t posted for the world to see or comment on. This is a private network between a patient and thousands of doctors.

How online freelancing is changing the bootstrap ethos

Fire extinguisher inspector David Kneer bought an iPad so he could generate paperless inspections in the field. Then he hit a snag: The PDF inspection reports were unnecessarily lengthy and Apple’s mobile operating system, iOS, prevented him from deleting individual PDF pages on his iPad. Kneer decided to make an app to solve his problem, which he did with help from a freelancer named Maverick26.

These teenagers are trying to take my job (video)

While attending the 2011 Fall Demo conference in Santa Clara, I was startled by the sight of a young man helping himself to coffee in between interviews with startup founders and venture capitalists in the conference Green Room. It’s my job to drink coffee and do interviews. What’s more, he was way better dressed than me. Feeling threatened, I went to tower over him in my four inch heels.

Five cities (finally) get access to AT&T’s new 4G LTE network

AT&T is officially launching its 4G LTE network in five cities today, according to the carrier. That means if you’re an AT&T subscriber living in San Antonio, Chicago, Dallas, Houston or Atlanta your mobile Internet access should be faster today. The rest of the country will have to wait jealously until AT&T expands the service to 10 more cities (70 million United States residents total) by the end of the year.

Demo: EmmaActive adds a shopping option to any image online

EmmaActive is helping brands make money from images. The technology uses crowd sourcing to tag products in images on participating websites and then get more information on the products from retailers’ websites. The goal is to get consumers buying the things they see on friends’ blogs, social networks, TV and movie websites and other sites you wouldn’t typically associate with shopping.

Facebook and Lamebook quietly settle trademark battle

The trademark face-off between the world’s largest social network Facebook and Lamebook, the website that mocks funny things people accidentally post on Facebook, has come to an end. In a quietly-settled agreement, Lamebook may continue operating under its current name but it must add a disclaimer to its website. Lamebook is also not allowed to seek trademark protection for its name.