AtHoc gets $5M to alert you in an emergency

Public safety company AtHoc has developed an emergency alert system for government agencies, military organizations, and businesses. The company announced Thursday that it has raised $5.6 million from Intel’s investment arm, Intel Capital.

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Pathbrite highlights your accomplishments in a digital résumé

Paper résumés are slowly dying off, replaced by personal websites, LinkedIn profiles, and awesome digital portfolios. Instead of a flat, boring text résumé, startup Pathbrite wants you to express your professional and personal achievements in an interactive portfolio, full of pictures of when you climbed Machu Picchu or wrote an extensive research paper.

Cloth app

Cloth catalogs your closet, tells you what to wear when it’s raining

Fashion-forward types seem infatuated with photographing their outfits. You can scoff at the practice all you want, but the overwhelming number of fashion blogs tells us that sharing outfits is popular, especially in a world with Instagram. Cloth, an iOS app available since last December, goes a step further and catalogs your entire closet based on outfit pictures. Today, it adds weather-tracking features and photo filters to its app.

Funding daily: Print out a wacky design in 3-D

Check out today’s funding news; there’s a lot of it. A high-brow Airbnb clone snagged $12 million, and 3-D printing received a $6.2 million boost. Take a look at the other companies that VCs are throwing money at today:

Ikea TV hits European stores — but don’t bother buying one

The Swedes are the first to get their hands on the new HDTVs from Swedish furniture store Ikea. The Uppleva TV, an all-in-one TV/cabinet/audio system is now on sale at the company’s Stockholm store for roughly $1,000, and will trickle into other European locations in the next few weeks.

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Snapguide shares your knowledge with DIY guides, raises $5M

We all have knowledge to share, so why not create a guide with your smartphone? That’s the philosophy behind Snapguide, a do-it-yourself guide creator app for the iPhone. Heavy Bits, the company that created the app, has just raised a $5 million investment, chief executive Daniel Raffel told VentureBeat today.

Index Ventures launches sixth fund for European investments

U.S. and European venture capital firm Index Ventures announced a €350 million fund for primarily early-stage European investments late Sunday. The firm said it’s impressed by the innovation it’s seeing in Europe despite economics issues that have plagued the area for several years. Some of the fund will go towards U.S.-based startups as well.

Kleiner Perkins issues point-by-point rebuttal to Ellen Pao allegations

A month after Kleiner Perkins partner Ellen Pao filed a lawsuit for gender discrimination and retaliation related to sexual harassment claims, the big-time venture capital firm is responding. KPCB is denying “each and every material allegation” of Pao’s allegations including that Pao raised any concerns over sexual harassment and discrimination anytime before late 2011, when she came out fighting with a legal team.

Lemon backs up your entire wallet on your smartphone

In the past, losing your wallet was a nightmare. The fear that someone would go on a spending spree with your money often caused frantic calls to banks and credit card companies to cancel the cards in your lost wallet. Digital receipt startup Lemon seeks to do away with the drama with its mobile app that backs up everything in your wallet, receipts and all. The company announced Tuesday it raised a $8 million funding round.

Funding daily: Pay off your credit card debt

Apple isn’t hogging the entire news spotlight today. A few other companies snagged some cash to build their businesses. Check out who got funded today, proving you can still get noticed on the day Apple releases a ton of news.


Cool medical tech: Diagnose ear infections with a smartphone

Anyone who grew up with ear infections can recognize an otoscope — a light with a plastic cone at end used by doctors to look inside your ears and throat. The device, typically found in doctor’s offices, might soon find a spot in home medicine cabinets thanks to mobile microscope company CellScope.

Funding daily: Let someone else run your social media marketing

Hope it’s summery and warm where you are, funding news readers. The weather in San Francisco is lovely, if you ignore the dark wall of fog creeping slowly towards the VentureBeat office. The outlook is definitely sunny for these companies! Check out who got funded today, and don’t forget to click the links in each paragraph for more details.

DIY shoe service Shoes of Prey steps it up with $3M investment

Gals, rejoice — we’ve got a new way to buy shoes. Shoes of Prey lets you customize your shoe from the sole up with leather, sequins, suede, glitter, silk, or cotton. If you’re feeling more exotic, you can slap some genuine fish or snake skin on your new pumps. And the company just received $3 million in funding to boot (ha).

Evernote Food captures your memorable meals, comes to Android

My phone is full of pictures of the dishes I try at new restaurants, and now these tasty shots have a place to go beyond my SD card. Previously available on the iPhone, Evernote Food launches Thursday for Android devices. Use the app to document your meals in  pictures and words. It will then back up that info to Evernote’s main note-keeping service.