Wipeout 2048 boldly stays where it has always been before (review)

As a prequel to all previous entries in Sony’s long-running anti-gravity racing series, Wipeout 2048 immediately piques your interest with its opening cinematic. The short intro visually dissects the evolution of racing from classic open-wheel roadsters to futuristic hovercrafts. Unfortunately, that’s roughly where the innovation stops, as Wipeout 2048 is virtually identical to its predecessors in all the ways that matter.

Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 leaked, Activision implicated in blacklisting cover-up [update]

Along with the ESRB, online game retailers are notorious for revealing unannounced games long before their publishers would like them to be. Amazon France seems to have done just that, according to GameBlog.fr. GameBlog took a screencap of the above product listing before stating that title was changed to “Call of Duty 9″ and then delisted altogether.

Twisted Metal is a budget experience at its best and a huge letdown the rest of the time (review)

Twisted Metal is the longest-running PlayStation-exclusive franchise, outdating Crash Bandicoot, Warhawk, Uncharted, and even Gran Turismo. Co-created by the notorious David Jaffe, also of God of War fame, the series has seen a number of releases across each Sony platform since first debuting in 1995. Twisted Metal for the PlayStation 3 is not only the franchise’s big comeback opportunity and first appearance on a current-generation console but also an all-important sophomore outing for the Salt Lake City, Utah-based studio.

Opinions, tears, and expletives: David Jaffe explains why games shouldn’t have stories

Twisted Metal Game Director David Jaffe  was one of a few speakers selected to give a presentation at DICE this year. Jaffe’s vulgar language and lack of self-censorship have placed him in the media hotseat many times over the years, most recently with an admittedly tasteless fellatio joke during a GameTrailers interview at the Twisted Metal launch party.

HTML5 versus Adobe Flash (infographic)

One of Steve Jobs’ last major acts before passing was to launch an attack on Adobe Flash. Mobile Apple devices began blocking Flash-powered content, and Apple even went so far as to prevent iOS developers from using Flash — one of the most popular multimedia programming platforms — in their apps. Apple positioned HTML5 not as an alternative, but as a replacement. A few months later that decision was reversed based on “developer feedback” (i.e. Internet outrage), but the battle between HTML5 and Flash rages on.

Darksiders II interview: “Death just goes Jack Bauer on everybody’s ass”

The original Darksiders was a mostly successful blend of Devil May Cry action, Ocarina of Time puzzles, and Joe Madureira comic art. It told the story of War, one of the Four Horsemen, who had been wrongly accused of starting the Apocalypse. At the end of the game, the other horsemen were seen rocketing through the sky coming to aid their brother, leaving many to rightfully assume the sequel would continue that story and include some sort of multiplayer aspect.

Yes, ITV really did use video game footage during an IRA propaganda piece

ITV, one of the United Kingdom’s major commercial television networks, has been found guilty of deceptively using video game footage during what it claimed to be an IRA (Irish Republican Army) propaganda video in September, 2011. The final ruling comes from Ofcom, which for us Yanks is the equivalent of the FCC, the same people who call foul whenever there’s a wardrobe malfunction on US television.

Ex-con looking to fund over 15,000 inventions designed while incarcerated (exclusive)

Like any news blog, VentureBeat gets a lot of spam. Sometimes it’s a long-lost relative from the Philippines who just needs us to send them $10,000 in unmarked bills so that we can claim our inheritance. More recently, “VISA” is claiming our credit cards have been suspended and that all we need to do to lift the restriction is disclose our social security number and mother’s maiden number to an unidentified Hotmail address. But every once in a while, an actual person with a story to tell finds their way to us. Enter Bill Chrouch, an ex-convict who is looking for funding for the 15,128 inventions he came up with while incarcerated.