Haters gonna hate, but Arizona’s tech sector really is coming of age

When I wrote a guest column in this space back in late November lauding Arizona as a hotbed for tech startups, I never could have anticipated the backlash the story generated. Now I’m back with some more fodder for those haters out there.

Baby animal friends

How to disrupt without making a lot of enemies

As a disruptive entrepreneur, it’s your job to push back against “the way things are.” But according to Newton’s Third Law of Motion, those incumbents who cling to the status quo will push back just as hard. While this reaction is inevitable, you can’t take it as a license for reckless abandon. No matter how innovative your startup is, alienating critical industry players will hurt your success, upset your customers, and make you a number of well-connected enemies.

Media Predictions

9 media-tech trends to watch in 2015

It always struck me as odd to see so many predictions about how the technology industry will evolve over the next year without waiting to see what happens at CES — arguably one of the larger tech conventions where companies announced plans for the coming year. That said, I’ve written up a few predictions of my own now that the event is wrapping up.

Connected car

3 exciting ways connected car tech will evolve your daily commute

There has been a lot of buzz around the increasing overlap between the automotive and consumer electronics worlds. But perhaps the simplest and most striking way to get a sense of this dynamic is to take a walk around the CES show floor. T

apple watch hands on 2

3 approaches to building keyboards into wearable devices

The year is 1989 and our esteemed hero, Marty McFly, has just touched down in a fictional Hill Valley of 2015 to save his kids from his childhood nemesis. Back in the ’80s, when the Back to the Future franchise first took the world by storm, the incredible technologies presented there seemed more of a pipe dream fantasy than prophetic sci-fi.