As video game sales lag, heads begin to roll

While strong sales of Modern Warfare 2 are helping Activision Blizzard’s sales this holiday season, the rest of the video game industry may be preparing for the worst. The question on everyone’s mind is whether December sales will come in strong enough to buoy the industry’s big companies.

Blown up by a Javelin missile in Modern Warfare 2

There I was, minding my own killing spree when I saw this enemy running around in a Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 multiplayer session. He had a Javelin missile stuck to his back. These things are heavy ordinance and pretty nasty. You shoot them and they rise vertically in the air and come down on an armored target from above.

Does Yahoo have a price list for spying on criminal suspects?

Yahoo apparently has a detailed price list for what some are calling “spying services” that it provides to law enforcement agencies. Wired’s Threat Level security blog has reported that Yahoo blocked a Freedom of Information Act request from an Indiana University graduate student, Christopher Soghoian, asking law enforcement agencies to release the price list. But in the meantime, the whistleblower site Cryptome released a copy of the 17-page guide.

More speakers for DiscoveryBeat: hi5's Alex St. John, Ngmoco's Neil Young, Greystripe's Michael Chang

We’re excited to announce new speakers and program content for DiscoveryBeat, VentureBeat’s event exploring how to get apps noticed in an age of noise. The event takes place Dec. 8 at the Automattic Lounge on Pier 38 in San Francisco. We’ve got a maximum capacity of 200 and we expect the event will be sold out. Our newest speakers will be discussing app discovery, analytics, and monetization. Here they are: