Alan Wake's master storyteller explains why video game took so long to make

I can picture Sam Lake, the man who wrote the story behind the great new video game Alan Wake, struggling over the plot and game for almost six years. Lake sat in the darkness in a cabin by a lake, trying to get over his writer’s block and bring his story to a conclusion. And in the story he came up with clearly carried some of his own experiences in it.

EA Playfish exec touts next-generation Facebook games

Sebastien DeHalleux was the No. 2 executive at Playfish when Electronic Arts acquired the social game company for as much as $400 million in November. At that time, EA was slashing its staff in traditional console games, and its big bet was that social games such as the ones that Playfish made were the future.

Ngmoco acquires iPhone game developer Stumptown

Ngmoco announced today that they’ve acquired fellow iPhone developer Stumptown Game Machine, which developed Touch Pets Dogs exclusively for Apple’s iPhone and iPod Touch in collaboration with Ngmoco in November 2009. The game immediately topped the free app charts on the App Store upon release and has been downloaded more than five million times.

Rocktropia virtual world for music lovers debuts

If you can’t get enough rock and roll in your life, you might want to go live in Rocktropia. That’s the new virtual world for rock music lovers that is debuting today. It’s a world where you dress up like a rock star, immerse yourself in rock lore, explore a rock-inspired landscape, and go listen to live events.