Zynga plans Zynga Live site to diversify away from Facebook

In an apparent attempt to escape from its dependency on Facebook, game maker Zynga is preparing to launch a web site dubbed Zynga Live that would operate as a portal for its own social games, according to a source familiar with the matter. The company currently runs its games on Facebook (although not exclusively) and is Facebook’s biggest app maker.

Nintendo's net income falls for the first time in six years

Nintendo today reported its year-end fiscal results for the year ended March 31. As expected, the company’s profits took a hit, sliding 18.1 percent to 228.6 billion yen ($2.5 billion). This represents the first time in 6 years that Nintendo’s profit has fallen. Annual sales also declined considerably, decreasing 22 percent to 1.434 trillion yen ($15.4 billion).

Halo:Reach multiplayer beta hits 1.2M players in a day

Gamers already know about the overload that hit the servers in the waking hours of the Halo: Reach multiplayer beta that started on Monday. It would take a lot of people to cause that kind of slowdown. IndustryGamers caught up with Brian Jarrard of Bungie, the maker of the game, to clear up a few things about the server issues and to get Bungie’s reaction to the first day of the highly anticipated beta.

Inside Pixar Animation Studios (photo gallery)

Pixar Animation Studios opened its doors to the press today as parent company Disney took the wraps off its Toy Story 3 video game, which is due to debut on June 18 alongside the third movie in the animated series. I took advantage of the rare look inside the studio, which is a creative maelstrom. This is one of those magical places that the public doesn’t usually get to see; but every once in a while Pixar opens its kimono.

Why tech giants are putting the silicon back in Silicon Valley

When Apple bought chip design firm PA Semi in 2008, it seemed like a crazy move. Who’d want to go back to the days when giants like IBM did everything themselves, including making software, hardware and chips? Now, in the age of smartphones and tablet computers, Apple has what it needs to control its own destiny. It’s starting to look crazy like a fox. And rivals like Google are following Apple’s lead.

Nexon gobbles Korean online game developer Ndoors

Nexon, a Korean online game publisher best known for its Maple Story title, has announced the full acquisition of Ndoors. Ndoors is a fellow Korean-owned company, having developed GoonZu Online (also known as Luminary) and Atlantica Online for domestic and foreign markets. This acquisition builds on a previous partnership between Nexon and Ndoors, which led to the development KoongPa!, a comic-styled fighting MMO that was in beta for a short time.