5 O'Clock Roundup: Comcast to buy NBC Universal; Apple and Psystar make peace

Here’s the latest action: Comcast expected to complete mega media deal — In a complicated deal, Comcast is expected to win control of NBC Universal, creating an entertainment giant that could rival Disney. Under the terms, Vivendi is selling its 20 percent stake in NBC Universal to General Electric for $5.8 billion. And GE is expected to sell 51 percent of NBC Universal to Comcast in a deal that values the whole company at $30 billion.

New DiscoveryBeat speakers: Zynga, Flurry, YouWeb, GetJar and more

We’re excited to announce new speakers and program content for DiscoveryBeat, VentureBeat’s event exploring how to get apps noticed in an age of noise. The event takes place Dec. 8 at the Automattic Lounge on Pier 38 in San Francisco. We’ve got a maximum capacity of 200 and we expect the event will be sold out. Our newest speakers will be discussing app discovery, analytics, and monetization. Here they are:

Our top 10 gift ideas: Last year's gadgets are now worth the price

Sometimes the newest gadgets are too far out on the bleeding edge. They don’t work out of the box, and they have a few too many bugs in their initial versions. They’re also usually too expensive. But the following list of 10 cool gift ideas focuses on products or services that have been around for a while. The kinks have been ironed out and the prices are lower.

The top 10 video games of the holiday season

1. Uncharted 2: Among Thieves (Sony PlayStation 3. Mature) Naughty Dog/Sony. This game could have been a tired sequel in the tired action adventure category, as with ethical treasure hunter Nathan Drake returning and two women contending to be his main sidekick. But Naughty Dog raised the bar with great cinematics, outstanding 3-D art that fully exploited the power of the PlayStation 3, and combat scenes that were executed well. You feel like you’re taking part inside a Hollywood blockbuster, scaling dizzying heights, dueling with helicopters, taking out enemies while atop a moving train, and solving a series of puzzles related to finding the lost city of Shambhala in the Himalaya mountains. The game has breathtaking landscapes, a decent story with fleshed out characters and great execution on the details. It’s also a long experience with 26 different chapters, and it has a decent multiplayer experience. This game is consistent from beginning to end, pulling together great elements from good music to awesome sound. That’s why this game is one of the best video games of all time. If Sony can keep on making games like this one, it will make itself into a real contender in this generation of video game consoles.

Intel and Sprout launch a consumer-powered Facebook promotion

Facebook reaches so many people now that big brands are trying to figure out how to reach its audience. Intel is using social media firm Sprout to launch a new kind of marketing campaign today that promises to drop Intel laptop prices if consumers sign up to be fans of Intel’s latest page on Facebook. The more fans sign up, the lower the price of the laptops will be when they go on sale on Cyber Monday, on Nov. 30, which signals the start of the e-commerce holiday buying season. It’s an example of letting fans exert their newfound power on the Internet to achieve a collective goal.