Intel to pay AMD $1.25 billion in legal settlement

The feuding Hatfields and the McCoys of the chip industry have buried the hatchet. Intel and Advanced Micro Devices announced today they have settled all antitrust and patent cross-license litigation between them. In the deal, Intel will pay $1.25 billion and “abide by a set of business practice provisions.”

Ubisoft on the making of James Cameron's Avatar the Game (video)

Avatar the Game from Ubisoft is one of the major video game releases of the fall. Based on James Cameron’s Avatar movie, a sci-fi action film debuting on Dec. 18, the game has its own story about a battle between the corporate RDA and indigenous Na’vi tribe on Pandora, a moon that is blessed with rainforests and a very precious mineral. Here’s our video interview with Kevin Shortt, lead script writer and story designer for the game with Ubisoft in Montreal. The game debuts on a variety of platforms on Dec. 1.

Graphics chip maker Nvidia rides on industry recovery

Graphics chip maker Nvidia reported good third fiscal quarter results thanks to the continuing recovery of the personal computer market. The company reported today that revenues came in at $903.2 million for its third fiscal quarter, compared to analysts’ expectations of $838.1 million. Earnings per share were 19 cents, compared to an expected 10 cents a share.

Hell returns as id Software's John Carmack builds Doom Classic for the iPhone

John Carmack is the programming wiz at id Software, the Mesquite, Texas-based company that pioneered the first-person shooter game genre that has generated billions of dollars in the game industry since 1993. Now Carmack has returned to the game that started it all: Doom. He has taken the original game and ported the code to run on the iPhone, his favorite new game platform.