Announcing new DiscoveryBeat speakers: Smule, Playdom and Moderati

We’re pleased to announce a trio of new speakers for our DiscoveryBeat event on how to get your apps noticed. Our newest speakers at the Dec. 8 event include Ge Wang, the co-founder, chief technology officer, and chief creative officer at iPhone app developer Smule. We’re delighted because Smule has popularized apps such as the whimsical Ocarina music app that lets you blow into an iPhone and produce sound as if it were a real wooden instrument.

Inspired by Nintendo Wii, Playfish CEO tries to broaden appeal of social games

Playfish scored big last week as Electronic Arts said it would buy the social gaming company for as much as $400 million. That’s a remarkable achievement for a company that is just a couple of years old. It’s a validation of the fast growth of the social gaming market and a tribute to Facebook’s growth as well. With original games like Pet Society and Restaurant City, Playfish has been able to garner 59 million monthly active users on Facebook, not to mention users on other social networks and the iPhone as well. We caught up with Kristian Segerstrale, co-founder and chief executive of Playfish in London, for an interview. Segerstrale’s co-founder, Sebastien DeHalleux, president of Playfish, is speaking at our upcoming DiscoveryBeat event on Dec. 8.

Intel to pay AMD $1.25 billion in legal settlement

The feuding Hatfields and the McCoys of the chip industry have buried the hatchet. Intel and Advanced Micro Devices announced today they have settled all antitrust and patent cross-license litigation between them. In the deal, Intel will pay $1.25 billion and “abide by a set of business practice provisions.”