Yoichi Wada's Final Fantasy: 96 million and counting

Yoichi Wada is kind of greedy. His company, Square Enix, has shipped more than 96 million copies of its Final Fantasy games since 1987. But he wants people to buy more, more, more. On March 8, the Japanese company began selling Final Fantasy XIII, the latest edition in the long-running role-playing game. This title has a lot more action in it and loads of movie-like animations in between the fighting sequences. But it remains true to its role-playing roots as well. Wada, chief executive of Square Enix, is pinning a lot of hopes on this game. Square Enix knows that its core market in Japan isn’t enough to fuel its growth. The company has to succeed on a global scale to keep growing. We caught up with Wada at the launch part for Final Fantasy XIII. Check out our interview.