Will Wright on his entertainment startup, the Stupid Fun Club

Will Wright has conquered the game industry and is now moving on to bigger things. He made waves in April when he announced he was leaving Electronic Arts to start his own company, the Stupid Fun Club. Wright, who has made blockbuster games from SimCity to The Sims to Spore, was one of the key brains behind EA’s successful Maxis studio, which has sold billions of dollars worth of games. Wright’s last title, Spore, launched in September, 2008, and it hasn’t quite lived up to its hype. But it still generated millions of unit sales and is now going to be made into an animated movie. Wright is recognized as a creative genius who has a knack for figuring out what kind of entertainment appeals to the broader mass market. Eager to keep a piece of Wright’s golden touch, EA took a minority ownership stake in Wright’s new venture and it has the rights to publish games based on the startup’s creations.

Softkinetic to launch Silhouette gesture-control game

Softkinetic makes software necessary to convert body gestures captured by cameras into controls for video game systems. That’s a nascent market whose surface has only been scratched by the Sony EyeToy and the Nintendo Wii. So Brussels, Belgium-based Softkinetic is now launching its own game to stimulate the market for gesture-controlled games