Orange exec confirms Apple's upcoming tablet launch

Apple won’t confirm rumors that it will shortly be launching a new tablet computer, but one of its European partners has let the information slip. An executive at telecom firm France Telecom/Orange said, in a video interview that appeared yesterday, that Apple is launching a tablet at the end of January.

Intel's Paul Otellini: Soon we'll all be making 3-D videos

The drumbeat around 3-D viewing is relentless at the Consumer Electronics Show this week in Las Vegas. Big companies such as LG Electronics, Sharp, Samsung, Panasonic, Sony and Nvidia devoted considerable air time at their events gushing about 3-D, which was a dud until James Cameron’s new 3-D film Avatar became a giant hit in theaters.

Panasonic shows off HD video conferencing, pushes 3-D TVs

Panasonic opened its press event with a video conference of its chairman Fumio Ohtsubo talking from Osaka, Japan, with a crystal clear high-definition image on a big screen. That high-end video conferencing system will be on the market in April. But the real push at the Japanese company is — as you’ve heard many times before — 3-D TV.

Cool stuff unveiled at opening of Consumer Electronics Show (photos)

I went through the annual ritual of CES Unveiled tonight, the opening reception at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas, where 100 or so companies show off their award-winning gadgets to the press. It was a big crowd, inflated perhaps by the blogosphere that has more than made up for the dwindling numbers of traditional press. Here are my impressions of some of the good gadgets. I snapped pictures with my new Canon Rebel XSi SLR camera.