NeoEdge raises $4M for in-game video ads from game-focused VC firm

In-game ad companyNeoEdge has raised $4 million in a new round of funding for its business. The company has both an ad network and a platform for placing video ads in casual downloadable games on the PC. And with this new funding, it plans to offer its own exclusive games for the first time — acquiring rights to games and publish them under the NeoEdge brand.

DEMO: Matt Marshall inherits Chris Shipley's dancing shoes (video)

We smuggled this grainy police video out of the hotel at DEMOfall 09 today. It is proof positive that our fearless leader, Matt Marshall, can dance. Sort of. At the close of the presentations at the event in San Diego today, Chris Shipley, the executive director of DEMO for 13 years, handed the reins over to Matt. As part of the deal, Matt had to learn Chris’ signature dance. As awkward as it seemed at first, it does look like Matt’s ready to follow in Chris’ footsteps. [photo courtesy of DEMO, picture taken by Kenneth Yeung]

Former AMD chairman blasts Intel for its antitrust stance

Hector Ruiz, the former chairman of Advanced Micro Devices, has been out of the limelight lately. He was never shy about criticizing Intel for alleged anticompetitive behavior, but Now he has penned an editorial blasting Intel for its reaction to the European Commission’s release of evidence that backed up the EC’s decision to fine Intel $1.45 billion in May.