Former AMD chairman blasts Intel for its antitrust stance

Hector Ruiz, the former chairman of Advanced Micro Devices, has been out of the limelight lately. He was never shy about criticizing Intel for alleged anticompetitive behavior, but Now he has penned an editorial blasting Intel for its reaction to the European Commission’s release of evidence that backed up the EC’s decision to fine Intel $1.45 billion in May.

Unchallenged by Nvidia, AMD makes the world's most powerful graphics chips — and it ships them too

Advanced Micro Devices has the world’s most powerful graphics chip. There haven’t been that many product launches in the past where the company could say that. Today, the company is announcing that its ATI Radeon HD 5800 series of graphics chips will be the fastest ever created. And they’re available to buy now in new PCs you can order today.

DEMO: Twirl TV lets you watch TV with your friends, virtually

Twirl TV has launched a new social TV web site for friends to share TV viewing experiences, even when they’re not together. The company, debuting at this week’s DEMOfall 09, is launching its browser gateway, which “brings the virtual living room to the YouTube on-demand generation via a four-foot social TV experience.”

DEMO: Rseven launches "lifecaching" service so you can examine your life in detail

Some people really want to know what they did in every waking moment, presumably to examine their past activities in full narcissistic glory. For those people, there is Rseven, a startup service being unveiled at this week’s Demofall09 conference. Rseven backs up everything on your mobile phone to a secure site so that you can restore it if necessary.