"Best casual game" developer, Thatgamecompany, works on new title (video)

We caught up with Jenova Chen, creative director for Thatgamecompany, at the Dice Summit’s Interactive Achievement Awards red carpet last week. Chen’s company created Flower, the PlayStation Network downloadable game that launched a year ago. The game was unique in that it featured no violence; as the player, you become the wind in the dream of a flower in the middle of a decaying city.

Game industry elite gathered at the Dice Summit (photo gallery)

The elite executives and creative professionals of the video game industry gathered at the Dice Summit in Las Vegas this week to talk about the art and business of video games. We posted videos and stories during the week about the various talks. Here’s the story in pictures from the summit and the Interactive Achievement Awards, which are the Oscars of the game industry.

Despite a couple of bad moves, Activision Blizzard CEO says he runs a kindly mothership for game developers

Bobby Kotick, chief executive of Activision Blizzard, runs the biggest independent video game development company in the world. Some people have taken potshots at him because he doesn’t play games and has said some things that make him seems like an abrasive numbers guy who doesn’t respect creative game developers.

Intergi lets advertisers target big game audiences on the web

Intergi has quietly grown its network of online game developers and publishers to 60 million unique monthly visitors. And today it is adding another 4.3 million to its reach as it signs up Jagex Game Studio, the publisher of the hit game RuneScape, to represent the company on an exclusive basis to advertisers in North America.