Reader poll: Vote for the "Gadget of the Decade"

This wasn’t just any decade. It was the decade when smart industrial design spread beyond companies such as Apple and Ideo to the makers of everyday things. It was also a decade of technological innovation, combined with thinking that favored simplicity and making devices more accessible to the broader population. Instead of just hardware, the best companies focused on creating a complete user experience, from hardware to software to user interfaces.

Akamai uses Breach Security to defend the cloud from cyber attacks

As more enterprises come to depend on cloud computing — outsourced web-connected data centers — it’s becoming more critical to protect them. That’s why Akamai, which handles the delivery of highly-trafficked web content for lots of companies, is teaming up with Breach Security today. By combining forces, they say they can offer better protection for their joint customers.

As video game sales lag, heads begin to roll

While strong sales of Modern Warfare 2 are helping Activision Blizzard’s sales this holiday season, the rest of the video game industry may be preparing for the worst. The question on everyone’s mind is whether December sales will come in strong enough to buoy the industry’s big companies.