Hands-on with the Sony PSPgo handheld game player (video)

Sony is chasing the Apple iPhone and its AppStore with the new PSPgo handheld game player. But by coming out with a device built for games you’ll want to play for 10 hours or more it should keep the allegiance of hardcore gamers. Sony showed off the PSPgo and many of the games that go with it last night at the Harlot bar in San Francisco, and they look marvelous. (Check out the video shot by Alexa Lee of Ooyala.)

Joost sues Mike Volpi and Index Ventures over theft of information used in Skype bid

Online video player Joost and the founders of Skype have filed a lawsuit against Joost’s former chief executive and chairman, Mike Volpi, for alleged theft of company information that was used in the successful bid for Skype. It also named Volpi’s venture capital firm, Index Ventures, which he joined after leaving video-sharing firm Joost.

Is a trade battle looming with China over World of Warcraft?

World of Warcraft, one of the most successful fantasy online role-playing games of all time, was recently shut down in China for weeks. On June 7, Activision Blizzard‘s Blizzard Entertainment division changed its Chinese online operator from the9 to NetEase — a transition that could have been executed in a routine manner.

Is that a supercomputer on your desk? Chip maker AMD takes quad-core processor prices below $99

When it comes to computers, four brains are better than one. And now, even mainstream consumers can afford these multiheaded beasts. Advanced Micro Devices is launching  new quad-core microprocessors for desktops priced at only $99, breaking a threshold that should lead to powerful computers at bargain prices during the holidays.

One PC displays images to 24 screens (video)

Advanced Micro Devices‘ new graphics chip will be able to display images to six different monitors at the same time. No big deal? Well, since you can fit four graphics cards in one computer, that means one PC can display graphics on 24 screens. In this video, Matthew Tipper of AMD shows us a demo of how this works. This is an enthusiast’s fantasy made possible by AMD’s new graphics chip and its Eyefinity feature. The chip can handle more than 2.5 trillion calculations per second (2.5 teraFLOPS). Technology freaks are going to love this. Never mind the cost. You can actually build something with much bigger screens than is shown here. I want one of these, but I’d have to get a new house first.