Venture capitalists are bullish on the future of game funding

Game investing is still going strong, even though it did take a hit during the recession. We calculated that game companies raised $600.5 million in 2009, down 36 percent from the year before. But game-savvy venture capitalists are still bullish on games. We did a roundtable Q&A with some of the best-known investors, in conjunction with the launch of Interactive Age, a new magazine focused on the business of games. The magazine is edited by N. Evan Van Zelfden, who has written for us, and will debut around the time of the Game Developers Conference in March.

Gran Turismo's creator takes a fifth stab at a perfect racing game

Kazunori Yamauchi is the creator and producer of the Gran Turismo racing games on Sony’s PlayStation game consoles. The new game is launching soon, although Sony isn’t saying exactly when. It has 16-player multiplayer, as well as mechanical and external car damage. The Polyphony Digital studio at Sony released Gran Turismo 5 Prologue a year ago to whet appetites for racing fans, but the real deal has been in the works for five years. Sony had the latest creation on display at its booth at the Consumer Electronics Show. We caught up with Yamauchi for a translated interview there.

Investor Avie Tevanian on the importance of creating great platforms

Avie Tevanian joined investment firm Elevation Partners today as a managing director. Tevanian spent more than a decade at Apple before he retired in 2006. He is credited with helping turn around the company as the chief software technology officer, in charge of Apple’s vaunted OS X operating system, which is now used on everything from the MacBook air to the iPhone. At Elevation, he’ll rub shoulders with the likes of U2’s Bono, investor Roger McNamee, and former Apple chief financial officer Fred Anderson. We caught up with him for an interview.

Orange exec confirms Apple's upcoming tablet launch

Apple won’t confirm rumors that it will shortly be launching a new tablet computer, but one of its European partners has let the information slip. An executive at telecom firm France Telecom/Orange said, in a video interview that appeared yesterday, that Apple is launching a tablet at the end of January.

Intel's Paul Otellini: Soon we'll all be making 3-D videos

The drumbeat around 3-D viewing is relentless at the Consumer Electronics Show this week in Las Vegas. Big companies such as LG Electronics, Sharp, Samsung, Panasonic, Sony and Nvidia devoted considerable air time at their events gushing about 3-D, which was a dud until James Cameron’s new 3-D film Avatar became a giant hit in theaters.