Roundup: Texas Instruments beats expectations, Bill Gates goes green

Bellwether rings in a good new year — Texas Instruments is another one of those bellwethers for the economy, as its chips are used in cell phones, TVs, and other electronic gadgets. The company beat analysts’ expectations today, reporting a profit of $655 million on sales of $3 billion in the fourth quarter. And CEO Rich Templeton predicts that growth will be up sequentially in the first quarter, not down as is typical for the season. Credit the overall tech recovery. Still, the company’s stock price fell in after-hours trading.

Jagex brings Asian game to Western gamers

Will Western gamers play Asian online games? That’s a big question in the video game market these days. Jagex will test the idea today as it launches War of Legends, an English language version of a Chinese online historical military conquest game.