“Anonymous” tracking now includes knowing your name, email address and everything about you — just not your full browsing history

Bizarrely, a tracking company Dataium still argues that a shoppers’ Web browsing is anonymous, even though it can be tied to their names. Dataium apparently adheres to the strict definition of anonymous: It does not give dealers click-by-click details of people’s Web surfing history. Read on for more on the intriguing investigation by the WSJ into anonymous (or not so anonymous) tracking….

How France’s SFR used a ‘chocolate factory’ to launch a European cloud

France’s second largest carrier, SFR, came to VentureBeat’s CloudBeat last year, and went away with a clear strategy on how to launch an Amazon.com competitor in France. SFR’s Benjamin Revcolevschi explains here how his team arrived back in France, and executed the strategy through an extraordinary change in corporate culture, i.e., by building a “Chocolate Factory” within a $12 billion revenue behemoth….