Markets will punish Apple for the loss of its master magician

[Update: I probably should have specified a timeline for this market reaction. There’s short term and long term. The market punished apple immediately in after market trading, as pointed out below. And yes, a week later, Apple’s stock is actually higher than it was last week, as Gruber points out, BUT that comes after a week where the overall market had a nice upturn. Apple doesn’t look so great in this perspective, where it appears slightly down compared to the market. But clearly, the most impact is going to come long-term, and that game has yet to play out].


Seattle companies: Get feedback from Madrona next week

If you’re a tech company in the Seattle region and are considering launching your product over the next year or so, you should join us next week for a meetup at one of Seattle’s most respected venture capital firms, Madrona Venture Group.

Online advertising explodes to $31B, but publishers getting squeezed?

Advertisers are likely to spend $31.3 billion buying online ads this year, 20 percent more than last year. That’s according to the encouraging forecast from market researcher eMarketer — and it’s almost twice the 10.5 percent growth in 2011 that eMarketer predicted in December.

Colorado companies: Get feedback from the Foundry Group

If you’re a tech company in the Boulder, Colo. area and are working on a new idea to launch in the next year or so, join VentureBeat and DEMO for a meetup with Foundry Group one week from Wednesday on June 15.

Google, what exactly is the China connection for the phishing scare?

When Google said yesterday that Jinan, China is the apparent origin of a worrying phishing attack against hundreds of people, including U.S government officials and Chinese human rights activists, it ignored at least two other attack sources referred by the expert who first called attention to that very attack.

Next Skype chapter: Extraordinary enterprise play?

Skype burst onto the scene with considerable buzz in 2003. It was one of the first companies to allow calls over the Internet — and thus forever change the way people make calls. Consumers gobbled it up. However, large businesses were tougher customers to crack.

Accel Partners offers feedback for ambitious startups

VentureBeat and DEMO are partnering with Accel Partners, one of the hottest venture capital firms in the world (it has backed Facebook, Groupon, 99Designs, Angry Birds, Cloudera, Etsy, and many others).

More rockstars at VB Summit: Twitter’s Michael Abbott, Verizon’s Nicola Palmer

Michael Abbott, VP of Engineering at Twitter, will be joining us for an opening fireside chat on Monday. Michael helps lead Twitter’s mobile efforts, working closely with co-founder Jack Dorsey. As such, he can speak to mobile product development. Yes, he was referenced in that recent article by Fortune about the leadership shuffles and strategy discussions happening at Twitter…

NY companies: Join us at RRE Ventures May 11

If you’re based in New York and have the next big disruptive tech company, you’ll want to apply for a special session we’re hosting next month with one of New York’s  most respected venture capital groups, RRE Ventures.

Glam hits $100M revenue, plans to file IPO as early as fall

Glam Media, the media and advertising company focused on women, has hit a run rate of $100 million in annual revenue and plans to file to go public as early as this fall, according to a well-placed source who requested anonymity because of the sensitivity of the matter.

How HTML5 will kill the native app

Over the past two decades, the mobile industry has become increasingly stunted by fragmented protocols, standards, and regional differences. But a hot new technology called HTML5 promises to remedy this by delivering an unprecedented open, democratic and wonderfully fertile mobile web.

DEMO: Here’s how you can launch for free

I’m delighted — actually, completely jazzed — to announce a new initiative at DEMO that will let a portion of the companies at the event launch for free.

Why Kleiner’s hiring of Meg Whitman is a very shrewd move

The move by Kleiner Perkins Caufield & Byers, one of Silicon Valley’s leading venture capital firms, to hire former eBay CEO Meg Whitman as an advisor is not an “odd” move, as VentureBeat’s Anthony Ha characterized it. It’s astute and clever.

NFC is way overhyped, says mobile payment leader Sybase

Every day, new headlines hit about how near-field communication (NFC) chip technology is about to shake up the mobile payment industry. The carriers are pushing it. Google and even Mastercard are too, according to reports.