Meet 26 experts charging the super grid: GreenBeat 2010's latest speakers

We’ve written a lot about what it will take to transform today’s energy infrastructure into the super grid of tomorrow, from cleaner, cheaper energy sources to smarter networks and support for fleets of electric vehicles. But the ultimate requirement is people. We’ll have to tap our collective brainpower like never before. That’s why VentureBeat is assembling a superstar cast of speakers for our GreenBeat 2010 conference, at the academic powerhouse of Stanford University on November 3 and 4.

DEMO Fall wraps in Silicon Valley — set your course for Palm Desert for DEMO Spring!

Okay, I admit it: I let loose and danced a little last night. After a year of planning, globetrotting, meeting entrepreneurs, and looking for the best new technologies in the world, it was finally time to celebrate. DEMO, the conference for which I’m the executive producer, celebrated its 20th anniversary as the tech world’s ultimate launchpad for new products this week in a new home — Silicon Valley, the pulsing heart of the tech ecosystem.

Five more reasons DEMO Fall 2010 will really jam

Rarely have I been as excited about the huge trends we’re seeing in technology as I am right now. Billion-dollar businesses are being created and destroyed. And the best place to get into the thick of things is DEMO Fall 2010, right here in Silicon Valley, next Monday through Wednesday, September 13-15.