ss-North Korea

Here's North Korea's version of the iPhone

While the hottest gadget across much of the world is undoubtedly the iPhone 6, in North Korea the only smartphone you can get legally is the government-approved “Pyongyang Touch.”

internet cafe

The evolution of Chinese Internet cafes

As personal computer ownership in China has grown dramatically in the past decade or so, a majority of Chinese Internet users don’t have to visit Internet cafes for services like chatting and shopping anymore. Today, most people in a Chinese Internet cafe are playing games, for the specs of their computers home are not so good for gaming or playing games ignores their families.

Reddit AMA

Why Reddit's new 'no remote worker' policy is upsetting

As one of the biggest, most active communities on the Internet, every single move Reddit makes gets scrutinized, analyzed, and philosophized. If Reddit sneezes, discussion will be had. And until now, that didn’t mean much from a company standpoint because Reddit’s business was perhaps the least exciting part of it.