wise owl

5 things powerful people never say at work

Powerful people understand that their words carry a lot of weight — so they tend to choose them very carefully at work, and speak in a “healthy way, combining the right blend of confidence and humility,” explains Chris Deaver, an HR business partner at The Walt Disney Company.

Apple Pay

Apple Pay highlights a fragmented market for mobile payments

Apple Pay is aligned with major banks, Visa and MasterCard, which take a cut of every transaction, typically two to three percent. Retailers, operating on razor-thin profit margins, would like to cut or eliminate those fees.

Tencent booth at ChinaJoy Expo 2014

3 years after opening up to Chinese developers, Tencent eyes global partnerships

Tencent’s annual business partner conference has been rebranded as its “Global Partner Conference”. The two-day meeting started yesterday, with some interesting foreign faces in attendance. What’s even more interesting, chipmakers Intel and Broadcom showed up as partners of Tencent, a business long known as a software company.

healthtech investing

Here's where the real investment opportunities are in health care IT

Since startups operating outside healthcare organizations face such severe and entrenched institutional barriers to effective integration, investors should look instead to seeding the already established and trusted IT incubator programs within hospitals.

UC Berkeley

6 things we’ve learned about launching university-origin companies

Just because it’s something cutting-edge that’s been developed by someone who appears to have twice your IQ, and because it’s been featured in peer-reviewed journals worldwide, doesn’t mean that there’s a business behind it.

family care

Tech for family caregivers: 3 ways entrepreneurs can help

Family caregiving is potentially a huge market, untapped primarily because it is unseen. But the needs are real and widespread, and enticing to bold, innovative entrepreneurs.


English-learning site 51Talk pockets new funding to expand in Asia

51Talk, an English-learning service which provides one-to-one courses in English speaking, announced that it has received US$55 million of Series C financing led by Sequoia Capital and followed by DCM and Shunwei Fund, a fund headed by Xiaomi founder Lei Jun.

Here’s how to measure Apple Pay’s success

Apple Pay launches today. We’ve heard a lot of talk about this new NFC-enabled mobile shopping option from Apple. But others have tried to sell consumers on the digital wallet idea before and boldly failed.

ball and chain

Why a 5-year plan is a suicidal practice

The five-year plan is not only unworkable, it is seriously counterproductive. And its death is signaled by the advent of Exponential Organizations, or ones that grow disproportionately larger than peers because of new organizational techniques that leverage accelerating technologies.

automated health care

This is why health care will finally be forced to automate

The annual U.S. spend on healthcare is nearly three trillion dollars (more than 17 percent of GDP), and yet the World Health Organization ranks our healthcare system below almost every other industrialized nation in the world.

Why we need to move up the value pyramid for health tech

Consumer devices such as fitness trackers offer quick feedback loops to motivated, but to really deliver value, new healthcare applications need to provide clinical utility.

medical data

How big data is beginning to change how medicine works

The medical community can leverage big data analytics for many kinds of insights — from determining the frequency of certain diseases in a given population to optimizing treatment protocols to verifying how well a new drug is working in the real world.