I’ll Take ‘Orange County Technologies that Could Change Your Life’ for $200

Facebook changed the way that you keep in touch with your former high school friends, but how significantly did it impact your day-to-day life? While Silicon Valley gets all of the attention, Orange County is churning out radical innovations ranging from life-saving medical inventions to sustainable technology. It’s a thriving technological landscape that just might make a real impact on your life – if it hasn’t already. And yet, if Orange County technologies were a category on Jeopardy!, how well would you do?

What it’ll take to get 4G that really works

Each generation of wireless network has failed to solve the problems that vex carriers and consumers: slower-than-promised data speeds, short battery life, mobile devices that are too hot to handle, and generally poor performance. Now, as 4G becomes more ubiquitous, we wonder, are we doomed to repeat mobile history?

How to ace the VC pitch

Are you ready to present your plans to an investor who will not share your level of expertise or passion for your chosen domain? You’ve got 30 minutes and about a dozen prepared slides to get the job done.