Don't do this, it's not your phones fault.

Mobile first? Forget it: Go mobile second — you'll live longer

For some startups, going mobile first will kill you, while going mobile second will let you live long and prosper. Here are four things VCs will tell you about going mobile first — and how to answer each one.

Beijing at night.

Why Tmall is the smartest route into China’s ecommerce market

Moving into the Chinese market is an enticing prospect, especially given China’s insatiable craving for western goods. But a number of substantial barriers exist, and I’m not just talking about the language and culture.


Prepare for the rebranding of money

For most people, myself included, both money and technology sit in the mental category of “functional magic.”

Instacart is an app and a website where customers can order groceries form local stores.

Food 3.0 & the Instacart anomaly

The evolution in food startups seems to have bypassed Instacart’s broad, digital grocery store. But drill deeper and Instacart holds the potential to be the most powerful consumer-facing food ecosystem in the market.

Bill Gates

Meet 14 of the richest tech tycoons from around the world

Bill Gates, Larry Ellison, and Jeff Bezos are among some of the wealthiest tech tycoons here in the U.S., but there are plenty of extremely wealthy tech executives across the globe who are making major contributions to their country’s tech scenes.

No U-Turn

VCs, your words need to match your actions

Almost exactly a year ago I wrote a post Your Words Should Match Your Actions. It was a generic rant that resulted from me watching a couple of VCs blow up their reputations with entrepreneurs I know because of how they treated them.

beacon Jonathan Nalder Flickr

Why retailers need not fear Amazon’s Fire Phone

Articles and blogs have called Fire everything from a “showrooming nightmare” to a “threat to retailers.” But is all this doom and gloom really warranted?

Toyota's concept hydrogen fuel cell car, the FCV-R.

Why California pushes hydrogen compliance cars over electric ones

Under a complex set of rules specifying how much credit automakers receive for each emission-free car they put on the road, hydrogen-powered vehicles earn more points for range and speed of refueling than do battery-electric cars.


Mobile advertising for millennials — how to do it right

The youngest millennials (age 18-24) rated their mobile phones as indispensable to their daily lives (96%), that’s higher than TV (54%), a car (80%), Internet access (88%) or their toothbrush (93%), according to a recent study from Bank of America on Trends in Consumer Mobility.


The 4 most preventable mistakes first-time angel investors make

Angel investing is the quintessential definition of risk versus reward. The reward is you might own part of the next Google; the risk is you have a statistical probability of losing every cent you put into the deal.

China Weibo

Like Twitter, Chinese microblog service Weibo is playing the TV ratings game

China’s newly-listed microblog service Weibo has entered a partnership with CSM Media Research, a TV and radio audience-measurement institute, to collaborate on the Weibo TV Measurement Index, a big data analysis system for evaluating TV program impacts based social media stats.