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Google challenges GoDaddy for domain name supremacy

New domains are beginning to roll out to the general public. And Google, which applied for ownership of 101 of these new domains such as .car, .eat, and .google, is getting into the domain registration business. Here’s what it all means.


Interning in Berlin: 'I’ve never made coffee for anyone'

They work where you don’t really see them. Most other startups or users don’t know their names. They’re not the highlights at conferences and you won’t find their pictures on the frontpage of a magazine. Yet, without them things would often not work as founders hope. They are smart and hungry. They are interns.


Pulling in an army of investors has more perks than you think

What do you do when someone offers you 1% of the total amount you’re trying to raise – are you potentially fragmenting your cap table, causing headaches for yourself down the road, or are you making a smart strategic play?

The rise of anonymous social apps in China

Following all the rages for anonymity and secrecy led by Secret and Whisper, Chinese clones of these hit secret-sharing apps mushroomed this year. In the past month, around eight apps of this genre surfaced in China, pushing the total number of such apps to more than twenty.

Picture iHealth Align - Device with iPhone

How lean-startup ideology could save your life

Today the National Institutes of Health announced they are offering my Lean LaunchPad class (I-Corps @ NIH) to commercialize the life sciences. There may come a day that one of these teams makes a drug, diagnostic, or medical device that saves your life.


Why electric cars can save fleet operators $16,000 apiece

A new study concludes that volume battery-electric vehicles at the low end of today’s price range would save fleet operators an average of $16,000 apiece over their lifetime.

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Alibaba’s mapping service AutoNavi talks monetization plans

AutoNavi, the Chinese mapping company Alibaba Group has fully acquired, made its monetization plans quite clear at the 2014 World Geospatial Developers Conference (WGDC): (1) transaction-based commissions from third parties who use its data and solutions; (2) enabling services on its platform to trade user data and take commissions.


iFind is the world's first battery-free location tag

iFind collects its power from ambient electromagnetic sources, such as Wi-Fi transmitters or mobile phone antennas. The power attained can be converted into enough electrical currents and stored in a power bank in iFind.

SoundCloud's Berin HQ

SoundCloud's new office in Berlin puts yours to shame

On Wednesday, Berlin’s The Factory opened (more on the opening) its 16,000 square-meter startup office. While all the other startups (such as 6Wunderkinder, Mozilla, Zendesk, and others) are still waiting to finally move into Berlin’s new startup space, SoundCloud’s office is the only one that is ready.

Italian flag

Sorry, but Italy is no startup paradise

Italy launches three times as many startups compared to San Francisco and has a third of the institutional investors in Silicon Valley? Holy sh*t: Startup paradise! Well … not really.

Policymakers must adopt the 'Tech Manifesto'

“Whoever forms the next government will have no choice but to put technology at the heart of it.” So said British MP Nadhim Zahawi yesterday, and he’s right.