Facebook critics’ profiles restored after press uproar

After an uproar in Latin American media, three Argentines involved in a book that portrays the social network in a cynical and satirical light had their Facebook profiles restored today.

Chile’s Austral Capital to help Latin American startups reach the US — and vice versa

Santiago, Chile-based Austral Capital is one of a growing number of Latin American VC firms making names for themselves. Thanks to aggressive support from the Chilean government, the less than two-year old company has funded several Chilean start-ups, including Atakama Labs, which I wrote about earlier today. And it’s also moved quickly to set up an office in Silicon Valley and hired Hiroshi Wald to run the show. Wald (pictured) said Austral’s Silicon Valley mission is two-fold: help Chilean entrepreneurs succeed in the U.S. market and also find worthwhile U.S. companies in which to invest.

Chilean startup focuses on games for social good

The latest game company to raise a round of funding reflects the global reach of the industry. Chile’s Atakama Labs has raised $4 million from two Chilean venture capital funds, Austral Capital and COPEC-UC.

Argentine president gambles on tech taxes, faces tough crowd

A new proposal from Argentine president Cristina Fernandez de Kirchner has the country’s tech community scratching their heads. Her pitch: to effectively double taxes on technology products that are not manufactured or assembled in the province of Tierra del Fuego, including notebooks, cell phones and digital cameras.