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Current openings include:

Editorial Intern (Venture Capital) — San Francisco

We’re looking for an ambitious, hawk-eyed intern to join our San Francisco office. As VB’s venture capital intern you’ll monitor, analyze, and report on the venture capital industry. You’ll help produce our Funding Daily newsletter and write daily news stories about VC investments in the most promising startups. Additionally, you’ll work directly with our international team of reporters and editors to support our general tech news coverage.

You’re already familiar with jargon like VC, series A, down round, valuation, and quiet period. (Although we haven’t heard that last one much this year.) Ideally you’ll have a journalism background and experience writing for an online news site. Special points for those with an entrepreneurial itch and knowledge of Photoshop, video editing, and basic HTML. Please be available to work approximately 30 hours/week at our San Francisco headquarters. This is a freelance, temporary position, and compensation is an hourly rate plus approved expenses. This is a paid internship!

If you’re as excited as we are, please send a resume and cover letter containing three links to your best clips to