Director of Content (San Francisco)

We’re looking for a top-notch Director of Content to oversee the vision, content development, and speaker recruitment for VentureBeat’s industry-leading events.

The position is a key part of the leadership team at VentureBeat as the company takes the next step in its mission to help people make better decisions about the technology impacting their lives and professions.

This person will curate the overarching themes for each of VentureBeat’s events and interface with external content advisers and a number of internal teams including sales, marketing, and editorial.

You will be responsible for proactively reaching out to top tier executives and speakers in addition to reviewing, ranking, and securing speaker submissions for each of VentureBeat’s events.


  • 7+ years of industry experience, with a strong background in the technology space.
  • Extensive personal network of executives, PR agencies, and representatives at top technology companies and brands.
  • Excellent written and oral communication skills.

VP Research (San Francisco)

We’re building something cool in a funded startup environment. We need a senior research leader who is going to lead a small team in changing how the world creates, buys, and uses research.

The person we’re looking for has a great deal of experience in the traditional research industry, ideally with one of the big three firms, and has seen the strong points and the weaknesses of that model up close and in detail. But you also need to be able to distance yourself from that existing paradigm and be able to reimagine how this essential process of generating insight, packaging insight, and selling insight works.

You should have huge Rolodex, although if you actually have a Rolodex, you’re not the right person for us, if you catch our drift. You have great relationships with analysts, with small analyst firms, and experts in SaaS and technology categories. You also have strong ties with media and journalists, ideally, and are a quote machine on topics that matter to us.You’re willing to do what it takes to win, including working in a 10-person startup division, even if there isn’t someone to peel your grapes for you.

We want to disrupt a $10B industry. Do you?


  • Have a Master’s degree, perhaps an MBA
  • Understand research inside and out
  • Know the research industry, especially the big three, very well
  • High-level strategic thinker, but not unwilling to get your hands dirty
  • Able and willing to do original research
  • Significant connections to analysts and media
  • Good insights into how technology can disrupt the current research model
  • Very strong writing skills; prolific writing capability

High. Details when we chat.

Analyst/Product Manager – 2 positions (San Francisco)

We’re building something cool in a funded startup environment, changing how the world creates, buys, and uses research.

We need two product managers to lead key vertical business segments.

You could have a background as an analyst in a research firm or as a journalist focused on technology and business. Either way, you have the ability to talk to anybody, from independent analysts, to VPs at medium-sized firms, to CEOs of large publicly-traded companies. Your role will be to own a vertical like marketing automation or mobile advertising, find the best experts in the field, source reports and insights from them, and make them available to our buyers. You may also help in writing news briefs announcing those new reports.

As your category succeeds, so will you.


  • Excellent communication skills, written and oral
  • Good understanding of research and insight
  • Ability to work in a startup environment with minimal oversight and supervision
  • Entrepreneurial
  • Problem-solving: don’t whine, but find a way
  • Bachelor’s degree
  • Writing experience a major asset



Head of Marketing, VB Insight (San Francisco)

We’re building something cool in a funded startup environment, changing how the world creates, buys, and uses research.

We need an experienced marketer with high-level vision and low-level execution capability. You have to know modern marketing and marketing technology inside and out. You’re going to help us build the funnels for our SaaS service, fill them, and ensure that we convert well in them. And you’re going to do that via continuous optimization, plus nurture programs. At the same time, you have a good strategic vision and are able to keep us pointed in the right direction in terms of brand and messaging.

You also understand product and its relationship to marketing, and that marketing a crappy product is a losing proposition, and that a great product, optimized for sharing and connecting, plus one that is useful on a daily or weekly basis, is going to be much easier to market … and maybe will market itself.


  • Excellent communication skills, written and oral
  • Exceptional marketing vision and abilities
  • Strong knowledge and expertise in marketing technology
  • Ability to help design a product that is inherently marketable
  • Knows how to multivariate test and optimize processes, funnels, and offers



UI/UX Designer (San Francisco)

We’re building something cool in a funded startup environment. I’m looking for an experienced UI/UX designer who has some technical chops too.

You rock at building experiences and optimizing processes, making using a SaaS service more of a pleasure than a chore. You can translate your vision of how a site works into visual design that supports user goals. And you can help implement that in HTML/CSS. In other words, you’re a unicorn.

You will be designing and optimizing an awesome web app, and by optimizing we mean listening to users, using data to help us understand what people are doing, what they want to do, and what we’re sucking at letting them do, and using that to improve how our service works.

  •  HCI experience
  •  SaaS product experience a big plus
  • Cool projects and/or products in your portfolio
  • Superior design chops
  • Ability to translate vision into visual design
  • HTML/CSS is a bonus
  • Technical knowledge, including PHP experience, is a bonus
  • Playing nice with others
  • Highish. Let’s talk.