Uber now wants to use its data to help build better cities

Uber has announced a first-of-its-kind partnership that will see its data used to improve life on the roads in Boston. Uber says the initiative will help city planners “manage urban growth, relieve traffic congestion, expand public transportation, and reduce greenhouse gas emissions.”

At CES 2015 in Las Vegas.

Here’s the bigger meaning of all these newfangled connected devices

Sure, you can spend your time marveling at the latest “smart” devices announced at this week’s 2015 International CES that gather data and connect to the Internet — from the next-generation plant-hugging Parrot Pot to LG’s connected vacuum cleaner. For Shawn DuBravac, a CES veteran and consumer electronics analyst, that’s to be expected. He’s personally more interested in thinking about what’s useful.


2015: the year marketing automation finally catches on

I am often amazed that a client and I are both living in the same year. No, they didn’t pull up to the meeting in a DeLorean — it’s the way they utilize their marketing technologies.


What social analytics isn’t telling you this holiday season

According to social media analytics, when it comes to kids, toys that imitate gadgets used by adults will be hotter than ever. Unfortunately, there’s a huge problem with these predictions.


Apocalypse or golden age: What machine intelligence will do to us

Recently some luminaries of our age have warned that machine intelligence is evolving at a breakneck pace. So breakneck, in fact, that machines might soon decide the world would be a better place if all our necks were, in actuality, broken. Thus begins the Machine Apocalypse, when the world will rue the day we decided to tinker with this whole artificial intelligence thing.