Smart Logistics: Mobile meets the value chain (and makes it faster, smarter, and cheaper)

Mobile technology is shaking up logistics and how companies manage the flow of resources throughout the value chain. From the automotive and air travel industries to food production and construction, mobile innovation is streamlining processes, cutting costs and making the entire flow more intelligent.

Euclises Announces Series A Financing

Euclises Pharmaceuticals, Inc., a biotechnology company developing novel COX-2 inhibitors for the treatment of cancer, today announced closing a $1.3 million Series A financing. Founded by John Talley, one of the pioneers of selective…

CIOs’ On-Ramp to the Cloud

As companies innovate, CIOs are challenged to think differently about how they can transform operations. Moving to the cloud opens up significant opportunities for CIOs to experiment and innovate quickly.

Highest-profile Democrat in Congress comes out in full force for net neutrality

The push for net neutrality has a new high-profile backer in Congress: Democratic minority leader Nancy Pelosi. The San Francisco rep is officially urging the Federal Communications Commission to take the controversial stance of reclassifying the Internet as a utility, which would give the agency broad authority to prevent paid Internet “fast lanes.”

What U.S. organizations should know about foreign state-sponsored cyberattacks

In recent weeks, reports have surfaced about several cyberattacks that targeted patient health records, critical infrastructure intelligence, employee data and personal financial and credit card information. Collectively, these breaches demonstrate both the diversity of targets and their shared vulnerabilities.

From P2P to B2B: The next phase of the sharing economy

In the wake of Uber and Airbnb’s rapid growth and billion dollar valuations, everyone is talking about the sharing economy. Sharing marketplaces are experiencing tremendous growth, and today anyone who can rent out a room in their home, share their car, or even leverage their free time running errands can become a micro-entrepreneur.